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because she has no proof of insurance her driver's license is suspended so there's no way that she could drive the vehicle regardless and so I'd like to talk to her and get everybody on her way I don't see any reason to Pat you down or anything do the fact that right here right here's my man right here okay I ran you through the I ran you through the DMV your driver's license suspended I just take taken care of everything I just ran it man I'm tellin ya stat done pain to go okay when I'm telling you right now for my checks is that your driver's license is suspended okay I get you a citation for that get your citation which is a fixative citation for your equipment violation which is why I stopped you in the first one okay unfortunately I may have to tow your car due to the fact that you have no proof of liability insurance no ma'am I can't do that okay so I just want to let you know what was going on as far as that's concerned I don't want to take you to jail for a minor traffic infraction and whatnot and you know hopefully I've get done with this paperwork real quick and get your way now I'm an inventory I'm gonna inventory your vehicle prior to I tell it is there anything in that car that I need to know about you could check it you could look well I'm going to surgery maybe my boobs done you're going to have them done it for days so if you cannot tell my cards I already have so much well you should be able to get your car it's not that expensive convenient for to like happen I'm telling you like all my insurance and paid for I'm not gonna lie to you I have no reason to but everything's paid for I don't know why my license is suspended because I just paid for everything so everything should be okay are you hundred percent certain as to what's going on here you're clear okay very good no stay here for a second all right you want it you want to sit over here in the grass for a second just sit down relax since we couldn't find the insurance man what am I having to a step out of the car right now I have to inventory for it to be towed once you come out just leave yours at all your stuff okay wait a moment take a look through it I got you got no problem looking through your purse okay all right come on back over here stand by your friend if you guys want to you can take a seat over here you know on that concrete or whatever you're going to have everybody in their sister whistling at you with your unit with your suits on and whatnot okay passenger gave me consent to search her personal property so I'm gonna go ahead and do that right now it's like she's got pretty much standard items in here interesting she got a handcuff purse maybe she supports law enforcement also some handcuffs on the on the rear view mirror there interesting