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13 Types of Students on Exam Day

Today's child is bewildered when he enters the 19th century envoirnment that still characterizes the educational establishment where information is scarce but ordered and structured by fragmented, classified patterns, subjects, and schedules."
-Marshall McLuhan 1967 “If these walls could talk.” “What would they say?” “If students learn what they do…” “What are they learning sitting here?” “The information is up here.” “Follow along.” “Of course, walls & desks cannot talk.” “But students can.” “A Vision of Students Today" “Add collaborators” "200 students made 367 edits to this document" "and surveyed themselves" "to bring you the following message" “My average class size is 115,” “18% of my Teachers” “know my name.” “I complete 49% of the readings assigned to me.” “Only 26% is relevant to my life.” “I buy hundred dollar textbooks that I never open.” “My neighbor paid for class… but never comes.” “I will read 8 books this year.” “2300 web pages & 1281 FaceBook profiles” “I will write 42 pages for class this semester and over 500 pages of email.” “I get 7 hours of sleep each night!” “I spend 1 ½ hours watching TV each night.” “I spend 3 ½ hours a day online.” “I listen to music 2.5 hours a day.” “I spend 2 hours on my cellphone.” “Spend 3 hours in class.” “2 hours eating.” “I work 2 hours every day.” “3 hours studying” “That’s a total of 26.5 hours per day.” “I am a multi-tasker.” “I have to be” “I will be $20,000 in debt after graduation!” “I am one of the lucky ones.” “Over 1 billion people make less than $1 a day.” “This laptop costs more than some people in the world make in a year.” “When I graduate I will probably have a job that doesn’t exist today.” “Filling this out won’t help me get there or deal with war, poverty, inequality…" “I did not create the problem.” “But they are my problems” Some have suggested that technology can save us… Some have suggested that technology alone can save us… “I Facebook through most of my classes.” “I bring my laptop to class, but I’m not working on class stuff.” “The inventor of the system deserves to be ranked among the best contributors to the learning and science, if not the greatest benefactors of mankind.” – Josiah F. Bumstead 1841 … on the benefits of the chalkboard to be continued… "Writing on the chalkboard…" "What is missing?" "photos, videos, animations, network" "forces the teacher to move" "encourages…the teacher to move" By Micheal Wesch
and the students of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Class of Spring 2007
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