Baby Boomer Social Media Website

Facebook, where Baby Boomers are now, has become a wasteland of ads and unwanted data dumping. Personal information is being compromised on a daily basis and people are leaving Facebook yet have no other place to go.

Baby Boomers are the biggest market available today. They are smart, have jobs and money, and love to socialize, when possible.
In order to create a suitable social media website for Baby Boomers, a secure platform must be purchased and built upon. Hosting will be crucial as a growing database will require multiple hosting platforms.

Programmers and investors will be needed to bring this dream to fruition.

It is April 2018 and Facebook is completely selling out in front of Congress as this is being written. Billions of personal files are now in the hands of… no one really knows.

I am leaving Facebook mainly because of their police tactics and their incredible ad counts. I feel as if everything that I post is being looked at by ‘others’ who I do not trust.

A website just for Baby Boomers is not only needed but I am surprised that it doesn’t exist already. There are only dating sites.

We want to post, share, and chat with complete freedom. We know how to conduct ourselves. Just keep the young ones out and we will be fine.

I put a figure of $100,000 because I have no idea what the final cost will be as the options are too numerous to include. The cost of the platform, of the building of the website, of the programmers, of the hosting services and add-ons, will drive the price and nothing more.

We need this to happen… and soon!

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