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A Student said Sadhguru’s analogy stupid. Sadhguru shuts him up || See What Happened Next.

One more year has come and gone, Which means it’s yet another picture day! It’s all about looking your best Inside and out, right? Ew, is she really gonna wear that? Total poser. It’s time to comb your hair And give your brightest smile. First up? The kid who couldn’t care less. Hmm… Let’s try one without the hands. Ready? Hey! I saw that! No hands! Ha! Did we get the shot? Yep, I nailed it. But I wanna look cool! Woah. What’s she so mad about? Say cheese! Hey, pretend you’re excited, okay? Can you give a little smile? What? You want me to smile? Ain’t gonna happen, lady. Nothing? Nothing at all? There’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back. WOAH! I’m okay! Alright… If you say so… I’m totally ready for this. Yowza! What a pretty smile you have… Can I have one more? That’s as good as I’m gonna get. See ya! Ooh! This girl probably has a pretty smile. Okay, let’s get started! Hold that pose and smile for me! YIKES! That was a lot of teeth…. Is this girl in pain? Um, good, I guess. Now that’s a face only a mother could love. I think I got it, Miss. Hello? I think it’s my turn. Is this the right kind of shirt? It’s too small… Just take a deep breath, okay? Now let it go. And in, And out. That’s better. Should I have worn a ponytail? I probably look so stupid. And now I’m sweating, great. Can you stop fidgeting please? Okay, you’re good to go. What a weirdo. Hi! How are ya? I’m so ready for this. Woah! You’re awfully excited, aren’t you? Geez, you can see her tonsils from here. Ooh, let’s try closing our mouth. No teeth at all, okay? I can totally do that! Well, it seems she really can’t. Thanks so much, see you next year! Here’s a confident young woman. Finally something I can work with. Okay great, I think I got it! Wait. I’ve gotta have another look. Woah Catch you on the flip! HIII!!! I’ll just sit my butt on down here. These are filthy. I’m not waiting all day. Huh? Next! Aw man, my mom’s gonna kill me. This girl looks pretty put together! What could go wrong? Um… You’re supposed to look at the camera. Stay right there, don’t move at all. Seriously, stop moving, okay? Understood, ma’am! Huh? Where’d she go? You can’t take a snack break now! But my stomach was totally growling! Fine. Can we get this over with please? Okay, hold it right there… Seriously?! Where’d she go now? Excuse me, сan we finish? Okay, fine. Here, you happy? No way. Whatever. Shoot me on my good side, okay? Okay, ready? Ooh… Can you sharpen your angle a bit? I didn’t know you were the director. But sure. Closer? Okay… One more step please. Grr… Is this close enough for you? Ugh, these kids and their selfies. At least these will look good on Instagram! Hi there! This should be easy! Who was that?! She ruined the entire picture! Young lady… Grrr!! What? What are you looking at? Dig a little deeper… What’s she talking about? You’ve got to be kidding me! Does this girl know where she is? Did she just roll all outta bed? Oh, dear. Ugh, stupid hair. What a mess. What are you looking at? Are we done yet? How do you prepare for picture day? Be sure to share this with your classmates
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