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Baby Got Mask – 2020 Back to School Parody

All right Amy time to fork over the
phone before you start the test. What a great student! Okay now give me the rest.
How do you even know? What do you do if your teacher takes away all your cheat sheets?
yup even that one how did you even think you'd get away with all that stuff good
luck I guess all right Kevin hand over that phone
anything else I should know about oh I would never dream of cheating all I
brought is my soda if you need a place to hide your cheat sheet flip your soda
bottle upside down then with a sharpie marker start writing out your formulas
on the plastic but with formulas this long how would the teacher not see
because when you turn the bottle over the soda covers it all
that's how so now when you're struggling on an exam in class you can rely on your
good old soda bottles to help you out oh boy the grades are back already well
that's what happens when you rely on your cheat sheet or rather a poorly
hidden one who said algebra was that hard anyway here it is share the wealth
Kevin sure but let me take a sec to cover my tracks
now you see them now you don't is there anything more stressful than
waiting for your tests to come back let's look at them together okay what I
gotten out how about you Laney all right Kevin you know what we have to
do it's time to pull out the old letter changing trick believe it or not getting
an A on your tests may be easier than you think all it takes is a little
creativity and a keen eye don't worry we've got way more clever tips just like
this one to help make your days at school a little bit easier looks like
Kevin is doing just about anything in his room other than his homework Kevin
what are you doing in here yeah you'd better start doing some homework young
man well looks like the fun's over Kevin time to buckle down and get to work
it sees my job is done here but while mom's away Kevin will play watching
videos in your room is great and all but you have to make sure you have an escape
plan stick one of those plastic hooks on a top corner of the door facing downward
then add another one slightly above it to the wall like this then hook a bungee
cord knotted on the first hook and string it through the second one then
string it to the other side of the door where you'll put another hook once it's
on that hook attach the end of the court to the back of your phone like so so
then next time you're watching videos instead of doing your homework and get a
surprise visit for Mom you don't ever have to worry about getting caught
red-handed mmm-hmm looks like heaven really is
doing his homework for once I never thought the day would come but he really
does listen to me and just like that you can get back to doing what you really
want to do watch car chase videos for an hour sweet ah who are those gorgeous flowers for
Kevin here she comes now is Kevin looking at me okay don't panic
look at the way he's smiling at me hey hello is he talking to me there's no one
else around it has to be me no boy has ever brought me flowers
before oh my gosh look how cute he looks in those pies where heart just skipped a
beat whoa Sophia's sure looking good today
gee baby sorry you wanna but it looks like those flowers are for Sophia not
you stupid popular girls they sure make things awkward for the rest of us the
period just before lunch is always the toughest hoo that tummy sounds hungry what is that noise sorry guys I forgot
to eat breakfast this morning you sure hope everyone knows these are
tummy grumbles not gasps whoa girl do you have a line in there or something
stomach grumbling is totally natural but that doesn't make it any less awkward
well at least Lana finds it funny try not to laugh try not to laugh
oh boy this is tough miss Sophia tell your stomach to try to
keep it to a dull roar will you oh okay why don't you go outside and eat a
little snack to hold you over till lunch yeah we can laugh one great thing about
no uniforms at school is being allowed to express yourself with fashion but
unfortunately great minds tend to think alike don't they seriously what is
wearing the exact same outfit as me this is so awkward and I thought wearing
yellow would make me stand out from the crowd that's it I'm putting on my red
sweatshirt before anyone notices she stole my look this should teach me never
to shop at our local mall again okay that should do it
you barely escaped that awkward moment ah you've got to be kidding me at least
the two of you can rest assured you have good taste whoa long equations like this require
lots of grain food but that gets tricky when no foods allowed in class I'd have
no fear sneaking in food is easier than you think you've just got to be super
smooth if you want to chow down in class get a
load of these tricks be sure no teacher can stop you
hey don't you read hate is it house clear I'm starving
it's Jennifer chewing I don't see anything Jennifer you got grub whoa
that was fantastic have an empty Pringles can outline a cutout like this
then cut it out with a bleed be sure to disguise the can now it'll look like a pencil tin once
that's done fill it up with a snack nice choice
still have the lid cut off its Ridge and drop it in this way your pencils can sit
on top pretty brilliant right tummy feel better now Kate times almost up kids and
done oh this focus works up an appetite what's up I hate this place
no one ever lets me eat in peace but I can't help if I'm hungry in class so
unfair I'm not taking this line down I've got an idea get a plastic bag like
this and fill it with your favorite snacks pierce the plastic with metal rings
binders are perfect for this it'll lay flat as if it were paper sneaking food
just got way easier which page do you want girls nothing to see here that was close