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BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE || Funny School Supply DIYs And School Tricks!

Hey Kate! What you drawing? A ho, nice
beach scene! Hey one of these? Up, too slow! Come on, please! Too bad yeah get a taste
of this prey remove some colors from your paint palette snack a starburst
candy of the same color unwrap it and roll it into a ball now fit the candy
into the corresponding spot on your palette you'll have to press it a bit
and done if you won't share I'll eat this Tony
pann Cates no no no it's gonna make you sick that's enough
here have some of mine oh thanks just kidding see Jen sharing is caring
mmm that's way better than paints in class we have to stay in our seats
but jennifer is taking me away too literally nice Kate care to answer yes
what oh I'll get you back for this Jen ready to see this coin disappear oh whoa
we're to do maybe in here pretty cool right Wow oh this top hat is empty is it
not nope it's full of flowers you've got to
tell me your secrets please not gonna happen no no wait
magic I can do magic too you know all right a hoe see this soda in the blink
of an eye I'll make it disappear whoo abracadabra Alakazam I'll get rid
of the SONA just because I can and fail oh my goodness you really did it yep
catch you later what a second school can be a total snoozefest so why
not spice things up with a little harmless cranking action so if you're
looking for a way to liven up a class take it from us tricking the authorities
isn't great way to pass the time that was Puckett sneaking into the
teachers lounge that's awfully risky Shh there's miss Appleby a very sleepy miss
Appleby and looking for us a sleeping teacher is the perfect prey for this
prank you'll need a mug and a toy spider like this one just drop that sucker in
the cup and pour the coffee right onto it
miss Appleby likes our coffee with cream and spiders right we got miss Appleby oh we brought you coffee miss Appleby
wow what nice students I have and now we wait for the pranking magic to happen
looks like that coffee's running a little low there teach yes it totally
worked someone left clean bowls out that's the
last of it someone's gonna finish it right did I
miss anything something smells good Oh be right back
just what I was looking for anything worn there who just leave an empty box
this has Kevin written all over it well just settle for less but I'd rather
settle the score this sought a grind Kevin's gears flip a cereal box upside
down and fold down the flaps like this then balance a cutting board on top so
you can flip it right side up again whoever opens this is sure in for a
messy surprise well my job's done here still working on
that serial cab yep okay it's time for a refill all right I'm sure Bella can
share a spoonful I don't think so this is gonna be epic a new box it's
like a waterfall of cereal what the heck is wrong with this whoever made this box
should be fired Bella I wish I could have seen it
oh right it's finally time for lunch who's that Gabby I have so much to tell
you Oh what were those eggs doing there where
they bail was Wow just put some more up I hop those were the last ones
Ella's gonna kill my thing she'll want this oh well hey pages this is way
better thanks I've got to be quick you'll need plain
yogurt for this crank spread it really flat take a peach half and put it in the
middle starting to look familiar oh hey Bella then uh you enjoy this but
I got a head out run Jim what's wrong with this pig that's not that bad even if you're in a hurry never pass up
the opportunity to take part in a little prank action well what do we have here
these potato chips look harmless right well that's all about to change once
Sophia gets their hands on them for this prank you'll need chips in a can like
these take a box cutter and carefully cut off the bottom of the can while
keeping the bottom closed go ahead and stand the cam back up to its original
position I was never here oh all right time to get a head start on that
homework whoo I could really use a snack my favorite flavor
Oh Amy just got herself a fresh plate of lap chips what a mess
I think I can salvage some of these what kind of tricky cane is this emilina did you wait to the last minute
to write your friend's birthday card hey can I borrow that pen Thanks shoot is
Sofia spelled with an F or pH excuse me I was using that pen well now nobody
gets it wait how much earth did you do that Mia how am I gonna finish this card
now this trick is super simple simply bite one end of the pen and push it with
your hand see how it falls out of Mia's mouth just smile and nod until it
finally stops if you hear that what's in this thing whoa was that money hey I
know how to make these girls pay more attention to me see this paper bill I'm
gonna do something to it with this shiny butter knife here Oh No I hope you're
not planning on cutting money I can't watch I'm just gonna drag the butter
knife down the middle I'll get two tens that way right wait is she really
cutting that bill in half but is she crazy
oh no barrels made Sofia spit out her punch there were two bills folded the
whole time we should have known hey Sofia did your mother ever tell you not
to play with your food hey where'd my Apple go oh you mean this Apple right
here Amy give it back I was gonna eat it well I'm
sure you have more in the fridge right oops
would you look at that I bit it but it's okay because I'll just wipe it right off
huh what are you some kind of fruit magician to do this trick you'll need an
apple and a crumpled up piece of paper towel stick the scrap of paper to the
Apple and pretend to take a big bite now quickly wipe it away as you wave your
hand over it super sneaky isn't it