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Bikini Beach

<i>[ Les ]</i>
<i>What's up, Whitney ?</i>
Hi. <i>[ Les ]</i>
<i>What's up, Whitney ?</i>
Hi. Here we are at
the Rancho Carne
Toro car wash, raising a little money. <i>[ Les ]</i>
<i>Yeah, baby, yeah !</i> <i>Work it, Kasey!</i> – What's up, Les ?
– Come to Mama. <i>Soak it up.</i> – <i>Workin'hard for our money ?</i>
– <i>That's a good shot, Les.</i> <i>Give a little buffjob.</i>
<i>That's good.</i>
<i>Oh, that's attractive, Tor.</i> <i>Lookin'good.</i>
<i>Shakin'the booty.</i> <i>## [ Rock ]</i> <i>Missy, what the hell</i>
<i>are you doing ?</i> <i>Watch it! Aww!</i>
[ Screaming ] <i>Dude, don't turn</i>
<i>that camera off!</i> – Hey, perv.
– [ Screams ] Hand over your 1 5 bucks
or get out of here. – What are you doing ?
– Making money from guys
ogling my goodies. Aw, I didn't need to hear that.
That was an over-share. Hey, Torrance.
Come here a sec. We'll just get this over with. My brother wants
to check out your rack. <i>You know,</i>
<i>I begged my mom</i>
<i>for a brother.</i> He'd look a little ridiculous
in that bikini, wouldn't he ? – Yeah.
– So, nice car. Yeah. Um– What can I say ?
I drive hard. – Shouldn't take long to wash.
– Don't even worry about it.
I got all afternoon. <i>I'll bet you do.</i>