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Bring It On (5/10) Movie CLIP – Cheer Sex (2000) HD

Female Speaker: Six sexy Americans alone
in a house with nothing to do but get nasty. This is Sex House. Welcome to Sex House. Tara: All I'm thinking is I can't
believe Erin and Frank hooked up. Derek: Frank is 45, Erin is a virgin. Jay: Part of me respects Frank for scooping
in on Erin like that but Erin must have major issues. Alex: So I'm out in the common room
and I noticed that we have a sext. Frank and Erin, congratulations on your
encounter last night, the sex was truly beautiful. We are excited to see
more sex – Sex House. Frank: It's important that you
go to the bathroom, really. Alex: Hey, special delivery for you two cuties. Sometimes a morning three-way is just
the thing to get your engines revving. Did you have a good
time? Erin: Yes. Frank: Erin said she had a
fine time so there it is. As far as I'm concerned the issue is closed. Tara: Way to go, you got a spoon. I'm walking out into the kitchen when all
of a sudden this blast of scalding hot air hits me. I honestly didn't know air could get that hot.
Jay: Sit down. Frank: Put ice on it. Derek: It was the vent? Derek: I
guess the temperature in here was regulated by vents that blast extremely
hot and extremely cold air at different intervals. Tara: Me and Jay have that Kim and
Chris chemistry so when he was tending to my burns I was like we're totally
going to have sex. Erin: I just needed to take my mind
off everything that happened. But all the stations on TV are just porn here. Derek: I wanted to take a walk and get
some food and think about why I'm here but the door was locked and we had to give up
our phones and we don't have internet access. Tara: With your explosive first night
behind you it's time to get intimate. I think it's a good time to start with
some old fashioned Truth or Dare. Jay: T or D, nice. Tara: The last time I played Truth or
Dare I got (bleep) for the first time. Frank: I think this will give the
other housemates a chance to get to know the real me.
I'm a nice man. Alex: Jay, you're going first, truth or dare? Jay: I'll take truth. Alex: Who do you want to
have sex with the most? Jay: Tara seems like a sure thing at
this point so I know that if I say Tara I'm going to get my (bleep) on tonight. Tara's pretty slutty, I get it. Tara: Things are really moving
fast between Jay and me. I was really happy when he said
he wanted to (bleep) me. Alex: Erin, truth or
dare? Erin: Truth. Alex: Describe the first time you had sex. Erin: Frank had sex with me last night. Alex: Frank, truth or
dare? Frank: Truth. Alex: Who's the youngest
person you had sex with? Frank: Can I do dare? Alex: Sure,
slip someone a tongue. Frank: So at this point I'm thinking to
myself I can't French kiss Erin, I don't know if I could handle that, but then again
if I kiss one of the other girls I mean she might get jealous, plus Derek's
gay so I figure I'm doing him a favor. Derek: That was definitely a low point. Jay: Okay, Alex, truth or
dare? Alex: Dare bitches. Jay: The card says do something wild. Derek: Alex put a cigarette out on her
breast and it was like she was waiting for any excuse.
Alex: What? You've never seen boobs before?
This is Sex House, get over it. Everyone was having a great time playing
Truth or Dare but Derek was just sitting there sulking. Alex: Okay Derek, you've got
to do one, it's your turn. Derek: Fine, truth. Alex: Who do you want to
have sex with the least? Derek: Everyone, I don't want
to hook up with anybody here. Tara: What makes you think you're such
a hottie that anyone of us will hook up with you? Derek: Listen, you two aren't gay
and I'm not attracted to women. I don't even want to be here anymore. Alex: You should really think
about what you say? Derek: It's not a choice that
I'm making to offend you so … Alex: Then you should think before
you say things like that. Jay: Derek's a drama queen and a liar.
I know he wants to (bleep) me. Tara: Okay, I'm ready, I'm ready. Dare. Frank: Dry hump your crush. Derek: Frank, leave her alone for once. Erin: I wasn't feeling very well I guess. I'm just really hung over. Frank: At this point in time I have to
admit that I regret cheating on my wife with a teenage virgin on this television show. Jay: I'm pretty pissed at Erin
fir barking like that. Having sex with Frank is definitely
gross but keep it to yourself. Tara: Humping Jay made me want to bang
him even more when Erin isn't around to spook everyone. Alex: Okay, now that you've heated up with
a wild round of Truth or Dare it's time to cool down with some heavy
petting in the Sex House lounge. Derek: I definitely want
to leave the Sex House. Male Speaker: Next time on Sex House. Tara: All we have to eat is pumpernickel? Jay: This fire alarm sucked
the hell out of me, bro. Female Speaker: Show you how to heat
things up with that sexy pole.