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California County School Board Recommends Reopening Schools Without Masks | NBC Nightly News

[Music] in orange county california the divide runs deep some pleading keep students at home while inside at a virtual school board meeting it's time to get these doors open and get these babies back to school the orange county board of education agreed recommending students in all 28 districts return to the classroom next month no masks or social distancing required a paper adopted and approved by the board slamming distance learning as an utter failure frustrating to all citing irregular attendance and disparities in access to technology while the decision to reopen is up to each district the board calls it critical to the well-being of our children families and communities but to the north and south both los angeles and san diego public schools are going in a different direction announcing the start of school will be online only returning to the classroom as soon as public health conditions allow when in learning per in-person learning is possible we're prepared for that but quite frankly in california it's not possible right now from state to state a patchwork approach no uniformity even among neighboring districts in memphis where parents can choose between virtual and in-person learning more cleaning masks for everyone smaller classes and scheduled hand washing it's going to cost millions of dollars we've spent already in the upwards of close to 50 million dollars already to get schools up and going but we're going to need more and while the majority of public education is funded at the state and local level all eyes are on washington for that extra boost congress approved more than 13 billion dollars of aid for schools early in the pandemic and in the next relief package hundreds of billions more could be on the table and a lot of this also comes down to teachers and whether they are ready to come back here in georgia a survey by the state's largest educators association found that more than half of those responding do not believe their district has done enough to respond to the virus a nbc news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching