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California Surpasses 600,000 Coronavirus Cases | NBC Nightly News

tonight a new warning from the cdc coveted 19 cases among children are steadily rising researchers say children ages 17 and under account for more than 7 percent of covet cases adding to the difficult decision facing parents and teachers how to handle back to school students in cherokee county georgia and week two of classes with more than sixteen hundred in quarantine twice as many as the end of the first week of school to send your child for six to eight hours a day into what i've heard some people refer to as a war zone with with this illness it just creates a new havoc in your life in arizona's j.o combs unified school district a teacher sickout is forcing officials to cancel monday's return to classes just take your temperature that's okay and as more college campuses welcome students back for some excitement is giving way to anxiety i'm really nervous about classes being in person i think that's a really big risk i could hear parties happening last night from my apartment at unc chapel hill clusters of covid and at least three student dorms or houses notre dame reporting 29 new cases and at villanova this unofficial gathering drew hundreds of students the tent erected as an outdoor classroom also moving in students at the university of georgia as the state's governor who has long opposed a statewide mass mandate signed a new executive order allowing cities to enforce their own but exempting businesses from being forced to comply a sharp turn after suing then withdrawing a lawsuit over atlanta's mask requirement and coveted restrictions it comes as the atlanta journal constitution reports new concerns from the white house coronavirus task force that georgia's current policies are not enough to stop the state's widespread and expanding cases recommending bars and clubs in high case areas should close something we asked the u.s surgeon general earlier this week i think it is important to consider the things that the task force has always talked about avoiding bars closing down or limiting indoor dining should those reopenings be rolled back in your opinion well one of the things that we know is that people will find a way to go out and so we need the people of georgia to understand the importance of social distancing and blank joins us now from atlanta blaine there's been a breakthrough on testing that's right jose today the fda announced the emergency authorization of a saliva-based covates it was developed at yale and actually funded by the nba in fact some players used that test as they prepared to enter the bubble today the fda commissioner is calling those tests groundbreaking a-n-b-c news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching