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CDC Warns Coronavirus Cases Among Children Are Rising | NBC Nightly News

near the university of north georgia this is how students celebrated the first weekend back a different packed party in stillwater oklahoma as officials at oklahoma state university reveal 23 covic cases at an off-campus sorority house all of it a troubling reminder while schools can put rules in place they cannot force students to comply a harsh reality hitting all levels of education in moore oklahoma a student knowingly attended class after testing positive for covet 19. nearly two dozen fellow students now quarantined across the country growing fears among teachers as a teacher do you feel safe going back right now i do not feel safe going back into school now no absolutely not teacher annie tan says adding to the burden concerns over ppe she says fellow teachers have organized drives desperate to secure enough masks and hand sanitizer for the year i will always help my students but to give my life for this job i'm not sure i'm there and i don't think most teachers are there tough decisions in schools and in sports tonight in letters to the big ten commissioner some parents are demanding answers after the conference canceled football and a petition from the ohio state university quarterback justin fields to restart the season has already topped 100 thousand signatures but the ncaa's chief medical officer says the key to saving the season is better testing right now if testing stays as it is there's no way we could go forward with sports a cnbc survey found nearly 40 percent of test results nationwide come back too late to be effective in stopping the spread now the fda has authorized the use of a saliva based test lower cost and more labs already equipped to do it how major is this this is one of the most significant advances in the six months we've been living with coronavirus in my opinion i think this means that the testing process is going to get faster it's going to get cheaper it's going to get more accessible it's going to be equally as accurate and people are going to be able to test much more frequently and blaine joins us now blaine this is the same testing that was used by the nba right which starts playoff games tomorrow that's absolutely right kate they have been repeatedly testing players and staff inside of the bubble and so far no positive tests have been reported and they are moving ahead with playoffs tomorrow a-n-b-c news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching