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Closed Doors Can’t Stop You | Joel Osteen

a big heads up this morning the Dan Ryan Expressway still shut down as Illinois State Police find bullets shell casings from an overnight shooting cbs2 smoogle did–we is live at the University of Chicago Medical Center where that shooting victim is being treated right now we'll go yeah we're told the people in the SUV that was shot up they basically self transported they drove themselves to the hospital and if you take a look right now in front of the emergency area of the hospital you can see that silver SUV with bullet holes on it we're told there were three people inside one of them a female passenger was hit now let's go live to the Dan Ryan Illinois State Police officers are still on scene trying to figure out what happened they tell us they recovered several shell casings out there right now locals southbound lanes are still closed earlier we also saw officers out there canvassing and looking around for shell casings then take a look at the SUV again in front of the hospital this really puts things into perspective because it's basically riddled with bullets we counted more than 12 bullet holes on the SUV Illinois State Police tells us the SUV was on the expressway sometime around 2:30 or 3:00 this morning it was going southbound between 51st and 57th Street when the shooting started again police say there were three people in the SUV and a female passenger was hit twice she is being treated here because she stopped transported to the hospital this is where she's being treated and we're told she's expected to be okay Illinois State Police say right now the goal is to open up those southbound lanes by 6:00 this morning well I'm in Hyde Park we go decoys CBS 2 News