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Conan Accidentally Closed An Elevator Door On Harrison Ford –

(crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) Now (crowd cheering) It is clearly so exciting for people to see the two of us together. (laughter) I have a confession to make, which is we didn't really meet, but we met in a way a couple of years ago. But you probably won't remember. No And I'll excuse you. Okay. Most people think I'm Ralph
Malph from Happy Days. Hi! How are ya? Huh, Richie! Uh, I was in Washington, D. C. about two and a half
years ago doing an event. I got back from the event late at night. They put me up at this nice hotel. I walk through the
lobby. I'm really tired. I get on the elevator. The
elevator door starts to close. And you know, you're really tired. The elevator door's closing
and someone shouted out "Hold the door! Hold the elevator!" And I went to hit the button and then thought, "It's, ugh." It was, like, too much to
lean over to hit the button. I's like, "Eh." And I just lean back and I don't hit the button. And as the door's closing, I see your face in the closing door,
looking angrily at me. And the… (laughter) and the door shut, and I was like, "Aaaaaahhh!" (laughter) Goodnight. No. No! No, please! Please! Please stay! I didn't
realize. I was tired. Let me, I was tired, too. (laughter) No! No. Now, maybe you had a big
day. I had a big day, too. I'm sorry! It's big of me to relive
this moment, I think. I could've just forgotten it, but I felt I should
bring it up. And in fact, I went up the stairs. (laughter) Seventeen floors. I heard someone… I tried to find you. (laughter) I heard someone banging on my door about half an hour later. I didn't really recognize you, but I was looking for the big, mean guy. (laughter) I'm so sorry! I'm glad I found you. Yeah. Oh no. Let's straighten
this out, first of all. I want people to relive the horror of what that was like for me. And we can recreate this right now. If you'd be so good, Harrison, to look into that camera right now. You're tired. (laughter) You're angry. You're… (laughter) You're tired and angry. And then, (laughter) You make eye con-. Oh! (applause) (crowd cheering) Now, it's only fair to recreate what it must have been
like for you to see this. (laughter) I mean, you're the kind
of. You have so much clout, you could easily have me killed. No, no, no. (laughter) It's all in the works right now. No, no, no, no. Well, we're very happy that you're here. Well, thank you. Congratulations. The,
the number one movie. It's a cool thing. For the moment. You know something I don't. No, no, no. I'm very pleased,
the response has been great. Yeah. It's interesting, 'cause for you. I mean, you're famous for
being very cool-headed. You know? You are, I think. You're a very cool guy.
You don't get excited. If I was in the number one movie, I'd be stirring the pot
dancing, wearing a thong. I'd be jumping around. I'd be very excited, to say the least. What excites you? I mean, if being in the number one movie doesn't do it, what really makes Harrison Ford wig out? (laughter) Um. I guess I don't wig out. You know? Even if the following things happen? What if you were to. We have
a few demonstrations, here. Would you get excited if you got to play bass with Limp Bizkit?
Would this excite you? (laughter) Would that get you going? Uh, um. What if, uh, you got to go streaking? Would that really get you going? (crowd cheering) What if we gave you a chance
to actually be reborn? What if you could be reborn? Wouldn't that get you excited, right now? (laughter) Look! You're wigging out! Yeah! (laughter) (applause) And I am wearing a thong! (laughter) Okay. Come on. (laughter) I didn't need to know that! Oh, no, no. You should. That's why I didn't let
you on the elevator. All right now, let's talk about the film What Lies Beneath. Scary movie. Uh, yeah. Very, uh. I
think it's a thriller. It's a psychological scary,
rather than slasher scary. Right. Which is the usual form. Which can actually be
scarier, a lot of times. I think so, yeah. What's? I mean, do you like
scary movies in general? Is that something you enjoy? Uh, no. You don't really like them? No, I'm glad there are
people that like 'em. But I don't. Yeah! (laughter) I don't really go to scary movies. What was the scariest movie you ever saw? Bambi. (laughter) Bambi? Really? Did you see it? Yes, I did. I saw Bambi a long time ago. Well, maybe you saw a
different version than I saw. (laughter) You saw this really scary version. No, I really saw the French version. It's really more scary. And it was very scary. No, it's scary. I mean,
the loss of a mother. That sort of thing is scary. Right, psychologically scary. Yeah, heartaches. Do you get scared a lot,
and do you scary easily? Would you think? No. (hissing) (laughter) You see what I mean? (laughter) I so committed to this! You did. Yeah, that's my charm. That's, uh. Can we say that's my charm? It's a comedy rule. (laughter) Commit! I heard that you're thinking of doing another Indiana Jones movie. Is that true? Um, well not… (cheering) Nah, it's good. Yeah, I'm gonna do it alone in my backyard in Wyoming on video. I'm gonna do it. Be everything, yeah. It's gonna be great, though. No. I would love to do one. We're waiting to have a script. Right. And a time for, uh, Spielberg and Lucas and I to get together. Yeah, people will never
get tired of that genre. You could do it for, I mean. You could, when you're eighty, you could do ones where they just bring the
treasures to you and you're (laughter) That's good! Yeah! Good job! (laughter) Just something to think about. Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Bed! (laughter) Nyeeeaargh! Oh! Put that with the rest of them over there! Um. Uh. (laughter) Now, before you go, I have to ask you. You're, of course, probably one of the biggest stars we
ever had on this show. Although, Mr. T's coming up tomorrow. (laughter) Uh, so don't get a swelled head. Now, a lot of times big stars, they have to leave right away. And I'm wondering, is there any
way we could get you to stay until the very end of the
show at 1:30 for the credits. 'Cause that would look so cool. 1:30? (laughter) You don't think so, huh? Uh-uh You're a busy guy, you can't do it. I would love to stay. I really would. Yeah. But, um. I have some cookies in the oven (laughter) That's the lamest thing
anyone's ever said to me! Oh yeah. But what if we did this. What if we shot the
ending of the show now, and we throw it in there. And then, that way, we can
throw it at the end of the show. And then, people watching
the show will think that you stayed 'til the end of the show. How's that sound? No. (laughter) Uh, folks, thanks for sticking all the way to the end of the show. I can't believe Caroline Rhea
had to run and you stayed. Hit it Max! Goodnight, everybody! (upbeat music) (cheering)