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Coronavirus Cases Surge, Hitting New Record Highs As Disney World Reopens | TODAY

this morning enjoying the attractions at Disney World no longer a figment of anyone's imagination park-goers getting their first taste of rides and lines in a socially distanced environment there's no need to put your life on hold like I said just as some parents pulling the plug on their planned outings is it worth it you know for the risk of the children and the risks in Florida and Texas right now escalating by the day both have now recorded a quarter-million kovat cases each and both topping 10,000 new cases saturday the difference Texas now mandates mask-wearing and its governor suggesting more measures could be on the way we're seeing in the state of Texas the next step would have to be a lockdown a federal task force heads to Houston Monday in what amounts to a medical May Day as Louisiana's governor also alarmed by surging cases just announced he'll require facial coverings and closed down bars as recently as June the 19th Louisiana was number ten in the country per capita cases today we're number three number one on that list Arizona has activated emergency plans for refrigerator trucks as morgues stunning shades of New York in March I don't want to be at two o'clock in the morning wondering what we're going to do with someone's loved one that we don't have space for the other side of that struggle New York now showing a remarkable turnaround its Kovan hospitalizations dipping below eight hundred the lowest that figures been since the city came under siege a boost for the Big Apple which is not out of the woods yet Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman just tested positive for kovat as baseball marches forward with plans to return this summer basketball is even closer the Orlando bubble now hosting full practices as 22 NBA teams inched toward a restart date of July 30th and NBA players are being tested every single day here in the bubble for major league baseball it's more like every other day or multiple times a week 70 baseball players so far have tested positive that's the latest numbers as the Astros canceled their practice on Saturday that is because a staff member was exposed to someone with the virus outside of the organization you