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COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

they are scared about keeping their students and themselves safe educators are worried they don't have the tools to stop the coronavis from spreading in their schools nbc news senior business correspondent stephanie rule joins us now steph you have been talking to educators what are they telling you about their biggest concerns here we've been talking to teachers across the country and they're worried they don't want to feel like they are the guinea pigs and they're saying why don't we have a national plan teachers across this country say they got by in the spring semester because they had to but they're frustrated they feel like they're caught between a rock and a hard place and they're saying their cities their states the federal government had all summer long to find the funding and to actually create national protocols to keep schools safe they're not just worried about their own health and by the way they should be because according to the kaiser foundation one out of every four teachers is at a higher risk of serious illness from kovid but they're not just worried about their own health they're worried about their families their communities and their students and they're saying they don't know if they can make it through now some teachers in areas that haven't been hit very hard are saying they want to get back because sadly across the board most teachers we spoke to said well they made it through last semester their students didn't receive the full robust education they normally would and every week every month every academic year counts and they're sad that those students might not get a complete education again steph what are these teachers saying they need to feel safe do they have a list of items they say this would make a difference and is any of that on the way to them they do you know it depends certain school districts and certain teachers unions have different requests from things like temperature taking more mass rapid tests uh plexiglas partitions being put in place but here's one of the biggest problems with that money you know the economic impact of covid has been massive so all sorts of states cities and municipalities have a huge shortfall and so they don't have the money for it so across the board even for teachers who are already back in school or enthusiastic to be back there they're saying it's not fair that they are put in this position and why is it that money talks they're saying look at the nba you've got nba players that have proven the bubble works they've been in there nobody's sick and they're playing professional basketball but in terms of what is most valuable to our country teachers are saying how about us how about our schools how about our students yeah we've managed to figure it out for uh for folks playing games maybe we could figure it out for people who are taking care of our precious kids steph rule thanks so much for being with us and for your reporting today appreciate it thank you hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching