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COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus from Wuhan continues to spread globally More people are being infected and some are even dying 132 people died worldwide in the process of making this video In China alone, more than 6,000 people are infected But what happens to your body if you are infected with coronavirus Now before we start, we want to show that this video is by no means to spread fear Not to speculate about the severity of the coronavirus We will not comment on its global threat level Because information is constantly changing as experts monitor its spread But we have to pay attention to how the coronavirus infects the body and the impact it has on you Its symptoms, how it spreads, how your body fights it or you will die for it Coronaviridae is actually a family of viruses that cause illness in mammals and birds. For example, SARS is also a coronavirus Now viruses are interesting. They are sometimes considered alive or dead (non-living) They are not made of cells But they do have the ability to replicate in a way different from other creatures Oh they are actually much smaller than cells. If you are infected with coronavirus, you must first contact it, Or contact with respiratory secretions of infected people Cough or sneeze, come in contact with their virus-bearing bodies, or directly touch virus-bearing surfaces Then before you wash your hands, you touch your nose and mouth, etc. Once the virus enters your body Their work begins What all viruses have in common is that they carry a certain genetic material Either DNA or RNA In the case of coronavirus It carries RNA for all the information the virus needs to replicate, The genetic information in the virus is usually surrounded by a protective capsule. When you think of viruses, you might think of this, It is indeed a virus But this is a virus that attacks bacteria Also called bacteriophage. In the case of coronavirus, The RNA is wrapped in a spiral capsid, which is wrapped in a membrane. It looks more like this picture, like an emoji These rod-like structures from the surface are very important for what happens next. Once the virus touches your cells It binds to receptors on the cell, and you can imagine the outer layer of the virus as a key. If the virus finds the right cell in the right species Its key can open the lock of these cells Therefore, viruses can enter the nucleus, the machine in the cell. Usually, this machine is reserved for your own DNA It uses something called ribosomes, To make proteins with various functions and spread them in your body But the coronavirus eventually hijacked this machine system It uses its own RNA to enter these ribosomes and begins to make the protein it wants. So basically Your cells start producing viruses, by making capsids and capsules Eventually your cell becomes a virus-making machine This is why viruses are generally considered lifeless, Because it doesn't actually have a machine to do the job It actually requires cells from your body to do this So the coronavirus RNA instructions are read over and over again And produce protein, and eventually make millions of viruses. These viruses will eventually fill the cells and return to the cell membrane, destroying the membrane and eventually destroying the cells. Once it goes out it repeats this cycle on the next cell When your cells start to be destroyed or die, Your body will notice and start to trigger an immune response You can feel you are sick In the case of coronavirus, these symptoms include headache Runny nose cough Sore throat fever This is why it is so difficult to track and understand Because these are common symptoms, we always have this feeling Especially during flu season or just cold Medical professionals need to perform laboratory tests on respiratory samples, At the same time, blood tests and blood tests To confirm whether your symptoms come from Wuhan coronavirus. healthy person The immune system will eventually realize that there is a foreign pathogen in your body and launch an attack The immune system is very complex, with many different mechanisms to destroy your intruder Your elevated temperature helps your immune system function better And make it a worse environment for viruses You may produce more snot and mucus which makes the virus harder to attach to your cells It also helps to remove dead viruses and immune cells You may feel weak and tired because your body begins to fight these viruses first Instead of doing routine work every day, your bones may feel pain This is because they are actually making more white blood cells When coronavirus is detected, The human body sends out signals and begins to produce antibodies, which is the body's main defense system. These antibodies are made from your own DNA There are some codes in the DNA of each cell It contains instructions on how to build different defense systems Enzymes in the nucleus can find the correct DNA fragments Copy a messenger RNA, which is sent to the ribosome in the cell, The ribosome reads these instructions and starts making related proteins There are up to 10 million ribosomes in each cell An antibody manufacturing plant was formed and sent outside the cell to fight the virus The trickiest part is that the immune response does not immediately destroy the virus So basically the virus has the upper hand from the beginning. This is why it takes a long time for your body to fight the virus But for coronavirus Those with a healthy immune system should be able to repel and clear it within a few weeks The problem is mainly with those with compromised immune systems These people are usually elderly or young children This particular coronavirus mainly affects the elderly This is because, as we grow older, Our immune system becomes less effective, As the virus continues to spread, Cells continue to die trying to save your body The immune system is overloaded In severe cases White blood cells are responsible for activating various chemicals These chemicals can cause fluid to flow into your lungs This cell damage caused by the virus, And the fluid-filled lungs, together blocking the process of oxygen entering the blood This may cause suffocation and organ failure But viruses do not always cause death Usually the immune system is weakened and disordered Other organisms such as bacteria are now affecting the body Cause further complications When the organs begin to shut down, the entire body is not far from death. To reiterate, the most dangerous thing is the decline in immunity, What's more worth mentioning is that the number of deaths is actually relatively low. If you think about it Last year, 40,000 people died of flu in the United States alone More than one million people died of heart disease the most important is Current mortality rate is estimated to be between 2-3% This is an evolving process But the mortality rate of diseases like SARS is 10% The Ebola outbreak in some areas has risen to 50% All these are saying Don't let this news scare you We live in Toronto where SARS has attracted worldwide attention. That’s because, outside of Asia, the only person dying of the virus is in Canada, Most of them were in Toronto, and only 44 people died in Canada. It has a huge impact on our city Our tourism industry is hit hard We lost millions of dollars But the most important thing is We saw a lot of stigma and racial discrimination against the Chinese It is important that we should realize that when talking about current coronaviruses, We can’t repeat the racist idea that happened in Toronto On our social media, We have seen many people say, "Such a thing always happens in China." And that has a lot to do with the food the Chinese eat But it is important to remember that Western eating habits are the cause of mad cow disease In addition, the consumption of Western meat has also caused a major problem of antibiotic resistance We need to listen and trust public health professionals Don't overreact Don't use this as an excuse for racism If you like these videos Make sure you have subscribed but Mitch we have something to say. Yes, the introduction below the video has some mailing lists, Because you know that sometimes you subscribe, people say they don’t always see our video reminder We want to make sure you have received it so the algorithm of Youtube is immature We are here to subvert YouTube’s algorithm. So if you want to help our channel, Make sure you are notified, when a video comes out, It will email you to inform you. We will email. The registration link is below Goodbye to our next science video