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Cricut DIY Face Mask with a filter pocket, (Free Patterns)

Next, let's talk about hand cutting and
sewing the simplified mask. And this one does not have a pocket for a filter it
does have an outside and an inside but it is just using basically the liner
shape. There is no casing for an elastic or anything like that so it won't
won't have a pocket for a filter. So it is trimmed up here just so that there's
a little bit less of a gap on your on your cheeks. We're just gonna cut this
100% quilting cotton along the lines from our paper template. Now the
important thing or helpful thing is to place your fabric right sides together
so that you only have to cut once. That gives you all of your pieces. I have all
my pieces that I need I'm gonna trim off a little bit of this bottom. Now I have
all four pieces that I need. For the simplified mask pattern we tried
to make as few seams as possible to make it really easy for you guys. It's
just around the nose. The quarter inch seam allowance. You push that. OK so for
the first seam we're just going to go across the front curved edge of the mask
for both the outside and the liner and once we've done that open them up and do right sides together. As I do a lot of quilting I like to make sure my seam is
going that way and that way. This makes it nest a little easier. And we're just
going to go across the top and to the bottom, put the quarter inch seam. Just
making a little adjustments as I go. But you can do that a little easier if you
just pinned it first. So I'm going to do the bottom now. So now you have it sewn
across the top and the bottom. We're just going to turn it right side out and press it so that these are more or
less flat. If you'd like. If you don't you can just finger press it like I'm doing
here. Then we're going to tuck these in and with
whatever you're using as a tie again you can use ribbon you can use bias tape you
can use t-shirt yarn, fabric jersey it's a little bit stretchy and that will
fit in there really nice. So I'm going to use some of my vintage
ribbons for this mask. I'll use about 20 inches for the top piece just to give
me enough room to tie it so I'm going to cut four pieces and you can hem ribbon
or and use a lighter to just melt the ends just melt the ends of the ribbon so
that it doesn't unravel. OK so we're going to insert a ribbon ties
finger pressed half an inch to a quarter an inch in. We're gonna place those
ribbons here. The nice thing is we'll be stitching in the ribbons at the same
time that we're closing this side. So it makes it pretty simple and if you were
using t-shirt yarn or bias tape you would basically do it exactly the same
way. You just insert it at this point. That's basically it. You can top stitch
if you want all the way around but it's really not necessary and you have a
finished mask. it's basically reversible just make sure
you wash it in between using it don't use the exposed side immediately