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DIY Face Mask with Elastic in 10 minutes – Sewing Tutorial

Hey guys it's Melanie Ham welcome back
to my channel today's video we're gonna make this 10-minute face mask. I was
hesitating to make these because there was a lot of debate about whether they
were even effective or not there's also lots of other great tutorials already
out there but last night Mayor Garcetti here in Los Angeles recommended that
when you are going out anywhere to please wear these and so I figure it
would be really helpful for you guys have tutorial not to mention y'all I'm
messaging me every day asking for one so this is gonna include elastic I do have
a ties video coming as well but the elastic ones are the ones that I've been
making let's just jump right in I'm gonna show you how to make these about
10 minutes really quick and easy. This is two layers of fabric first thing we're
gonna do this is like the easiest one super fast if you're gonna donate these
they need to be two different types of fabric that way medical professionals
know which side has been toward their face which side has been out just to
keep it clean and for you to to know which way the mask goes. Right sides
together and then what we'll do is we're going to sew all the way around it
leaving a hole and the elastic is going to go here on the inside from this end
to that end but that'll be on the inside. So I'm just gonna go ahead and clip
those into place. There's one let's go sew! I'm using polyester thread
and along the long side I'm going to leave an opening that way we can flip it
right side out half inch seam allowance or so. back stitch when you get to the corner I'm going to
go back and forth several times over that elastic pivot hey when we get back to the beginning
leave a little bit of a hole back stitch you can trim your corners. take a little
bit of that bulk out okay then send it right side out use your finger to pop
out those corners iron your seams just quickly just to make sure that they're
laying nice and flat before we sew it around
I'm not inserting wire or anything into it because I don't have any A and B I
tried pipe cleaners and they just did not work. so I'm just gonna go for it
like it is right here this is where our opening is I'm gonna have that be at the
bottom before we get started I want to make three marks with just a
water-soluble pen I'm gonna use the marks here on my machine. It doesn't have
to be super scientific okay so here again is our opening that's gonna be on
the bottom and I'm gonna show you how to do your pleats with your seam ripper
makes it really easy fast you want to iron it or pin it or anything. I'm gonna
have a little bit less seam allowance so I'm gonna move my needle position over
slightly okay we're starting at the top right of our mask from the front side so
this is my front this is my back although it doesn't really matter
back stitch. ok I'm gonna grab my seam ripper I'm gonna go where that mark
is tuck that in there and then rotate it up and then again for the second mark. see
how that's going and then for the third mark okay we're gonna go back the exact same
way we're going to mimic the pleats from our other side so that the pleats are
the same direction back around the top now and then I'm gonna go around it one more
time I'm gonna back stitch over those pleats a little bit more just because
these are going to go through hot washes they're gonna get washed a ton used a
time yanked on so one make sure everything is really secure all right that's it what'd you guys
think not too bad right leave me any questions down below check out the blog
post as always we'll have everything written out not to mention other tips
and tricks that I found like both sides need to be different colors that way you
know what side is contaminated when you're out and about if you take it off
it is double sided though so you can use either side
I'm not pre watching my fabric beforehand because some of these I'm
using scraps but then I will wash them when I'm done making them I put them in
a lingerie bag or like a mesh bag wash them on hot these need to be a hundred
percent cotton a really high quality cotton that can be washed really
rigorously over and over again and if you don't have elastic you can use hair
ties or hair bands like from the dollar store you can cut those up and use that
there's some different ways you can utilize elastic or once I have that ties
video done I will link that down below as well but I hope you all are staying
safe and healthy all my best wishes to you guys so I'll see you in the next
video. Bye!