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Donald Trump slams Joe Biden in Republican nomination acceptance speech

and in the recordings we're going to play for you we can hear marianne trump bury and marry trump discuss ivanka trump during the period that the trump administration initiated their child separation policy and then that that when when that damn ivanka puts this picture of the madonna and child on instagram when we the big news of the day was how kids are being from their families i couldn't blame i never heard of samantha bee before i couldn't blame what she said so in that recording marianne trump barry was referring to samantha bee the comedian who had slammed ivanka calling her oblivious among other things after she posted this image of herself and her child at the same time that the country was learning that the trump administration was separating migrant children from their families now the next clip that you're about to hear mary trump and her aunt talk about eric and ivanka's ambitions meanwhile eric's become the moron publicly um ivanka gives a she's all about her yeah she's a mini donald she's a mini donal and but yet he's besotted with her he always has been she's always been his favor now we also hear what marianne thinks about her brother donald and then you get donald who won't do anything for anybody unless it's going to manure to his well i mean he won't do any publicly i mean if you anything he did he says look what i've done all right nothing and he's as tight as a duck's ass just like dad was right now we've reached out to marianne trump barry for comment but have not heard back i'm now joined by mary trump donald trump's niece and author of too much and never enough the best-selling book that has sold millions and millions of copies mary trump it's good to talk to you again and also thank you for being on with us uh to sort of unpack the convention it was something else uh the convention i should say uh let's get in well i think a lot of people want to know what a tight as a duck's uh posterior what does that mean exactly it just means really cheap i kind of guessed that it meant cheap but okay thank you for clearing that up yeah so a little more colorful so so donald trump you know really put on a show um of his family really pushed the adult children forward even tiffany uh pushed them all out forward what do you think the purpose of doing that was this week i think it was twofold um you know it was on the one hand to burnish his bona fides as a great family man um and on the other hand it was a not so subtle faint towards uh monarchical succession which is a little terrifying because as you mentioned he co-opted the people's house for his own political ends with the considerable help of his party and so right because there were two parts of it like part of me thought that he saw joe biden being lauded by friends and his family and how much love there was in the biden family and also kamala harris having her sister and her niece send her up and then maybe he got jealous and then maybe he decided to do it and that maybe the kid sort of got in on it i'm trying to sort of paint him as being similar and i asked that because there was a part in the presentation when ivanka trump talks about her son building a replica of the white house um and that it being displayed by granddad in the oval office which isn't like a donald trump sounding thing that he might do and then a lot of folks have pointed out including some republican friends have said wait a minute didn't she tell that exact same story about herself saying that when she was 13 she made a replica of trump tower and trump put in his office do you do you suspect that maybe that story was a recycle what do you make of that well first of all from what i understand uh not only was that story ivanka told debunked she admitted that it wasn't true um and it was also lifted from a story told in the art of the deal about when donald allegedly stole robert's blocks and glued them together which from what i understand is also probably not true so um i guess gluing children's building blocks together is a genetic i don't know but it's remarkable how similar the stories are it is let me play another uh right above though and thank you for providing us with this audio here is the conversation that you had with your aunt um about the dreamers take a listen well what about what he did with the dreamers oh god i'm sorry you shouldn't support no he changes i know and but he denies it i mean he he would deny he changed his mind of course he would go all over the world well just like with it with the the the kids who are now in de facto concentration camps down in texas he's blaming the democrats for it it's the democrats horrible policy so which suggests that he thinks it's a bad thing and yet he's allowing it just like it's mind-boggling i love it i mean the de facto concentration camp stands out to me as a way to describe this um your aunt was a judge was this was this recording made while she was still a judge yes but she's been inactive for a while um i don't believe at the time she was uh on the bench and and so did she ever if she's calling them concentration camps that sounds like a pretty severe thing are you surprised that she didn't go public given the fact that she's got a judicial background you know her comments could have been really powerful at that time does it surprise you that she didn't say anything publicly just only saying it to you unfortunately no it doesn't surprise me um she subscribes to the same notion of uh family loyalty that her siblings do let's uh play another piece and this is and this one i think is significant because we do have you know aside from the controversy with jerry falwell jr etc donald trump's biggest base is white christians that is his white evangelical christians are really his base and here is a conversation um with yourself and your aunt about trump and god the only time donald went to church that i know him you know at least you know when dad wasn't bringing us that reason um was when he got married yes and and um over the last several years of when the cameras were at the church so to your knowledge including your dad they're they're they were brought to church the family every sunday was this the power of positive thinking church or was it a mainline sort of protestant church i honestly don't know how frequently they attended church i don't think it was i don't believe it was every sunday uh certainly not when they were older and as far as i recollect my grandfather joined margaret collegial collegiate church which was uh norman vincent peel's church the guy who wrote the power of positive thinking in the early 50s mid 50s so you know i never got the impression that any of them with the exception of marianne who converted to catholicism uh before her first marriage was particularly religious or church-going yeah did you ever hear your uncle talk about religious people what were his thoughts before he got into politics and needed their votes about religious people about christians he doesn't have any uh he has no connection to religion or faith that i'm aware of um you know he's quite good at uh finding what in his words he would call suckers so uh as we've seen unfortunately he's been able to you know co-opt people's faith hey there i'm chris hayes from msnbc thanks for watching msnbc on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos