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Dr. Fauci Warns Of Rising Coronavirus Cases, Deaths | Morning Joe | MSNBC

this morning across Texas healthcare workers are sounding the alarm this is something in my 24 years of nursing that I've never seen before I will never forget that feeling and watching that last heartbeat on a 27 year old man that should have not had that outcome and there was nothing we could do to stop him the surge in new cases flooding hospitals especially in South Texas at DHR health hospital near the Mexican border construction crews now work round the clock building new beds for the patients that just keep coming in Houston with numbers rising the city's mayor calling the next two weeks crucial we open up quickly and now what we find is that this virus has we emerged is surging now and the numbers of much more situation is more devastating now than they were back in the first part of May since May the state's case count has exploded from 29,000 to more than 275,000 another 10,000 Texans diagnosed with covin 19 on Tuesday alone statewide hospitalizations have jumped by more than a quarter over the past week currently topping 10,000 patients Andre Tanner became one of them when he passed out then woke up in an emergency room I'm sitting in the hospital with blood clots of my lungs after testing positive for kovat 19 ICU doctors gave the healthy 23 year old a dire diagnosis you're alone in a hospital room and you get that cell phone to call your mom and what do you tell her you're never prepared to make that phone call it's here – any parent in this belief in telling them that you might not make it today while Tanner's now at home recovering the fight on the front lines in Texas is far from over if the numbers keep going up the way they are do you see another shutdown if the numbers keep going up in the and and the way they are right now if the trajectory continues on that course then we may not have a choice of course one of the biggest questions of all will be the impact on the upcoming school year Houston Independent School District consisting of nearly a quarter million students expected to make their announcement on just what early happening in the fall come later this afternoon Hoda and Morgan you know what you're talking about here you yourself contracted coronavirus so first of all how you doing and just tell us what that was like it's certainly been a bit of a journey Hoda I'll never forget losing my sense of taste and smell while sipping a juice about three weeks ago and it really was an unsettling feeling because this virus impacts everyone in such a different way to kind of wake up and wonder what's gonna happen next and I'll say one of the most frustrating parts for me even though I did have a mild case I was just kind of mental fog the doctors have told me could be a sign of inflammation in the brain as a result of the virus that made common tasks just a bit more difficult so fingers crossed for a smooth recovery in the days and weeks ahead yeah you're clear thinking now Morgan happier back in business thank you you