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Educators Describe Fears About Not Being Able To Stop COVID-19 Spread In Schools | NBC News NOW

joining us now morning joe chief medical correspondent dr dave campbell also with us professor of history at tulane university walter isaacson he's here in a different capacity today he's participating in a covid19 vaccine trial for pfizer and i can't wait to hear about that but dr dave set the stage for us if you can um there are a lot of different covet 19 vaccines that are working through several stages of development right now russia claims it has a vaccine that's ready to go is that true what's the status of vaccines well first professor isaacson congratulations on being willing to participate i think that's a bold move that everybody should look at and aspire to you know there are there are over 160 vaccines in various phases of development across the world and in the united states there are three in the phase three clinical trials you have moderna you have pfizer and you have the oxford and if you look at the russian vaccine the sputnik 5 it was granted regulatory approval by the minister of health in russia i think it was august 11th and they will be entering their phase three clinical trials soon this month and that's the rub is they they haven't gotten into phase three trials but they're announcing regulatory approval which is something that the united states food and drug administration doesn't do they like to see the phase retrials the final phase of clinical trials for these vaccines to be well underway we can we can anticipate mika some more discussion about emergency use authorizations in the united states as the fall unfolds and as we see the phase three trials unfold so that's that's where we are right now with vaccines and uh everybody's optimistic i must say it's a it's a wonderful uh spread of options that are out there with many companies we have operation warp speed that thus far has has funded nine billion dollars of testing and and getting ready to do distribution we have mckesson very large the largest company that manages the flu vaccines has now been tagged as the company that will be helping to distribute these vaccines in the united states once they become available really so walter we usually talk to you about history but how fascinating to have you here as someone participating in this pfizer rna vaccine trial what does it mean exactly to participate in a trial and how did you end up here well it just means you go down the auction hospital down the road here is one of many places probably 200 places in this country that are doing trials dr francis collins was urging people just go to coronavirusprevention.org online and you can sign up for trial so i'm writing a book about the use of rna and dna to fight you know find new ways to fight viruses and i said well why not do it i went online signed up and the next day i got a phone call so man i got a very long needle injected into uh my arm that was about two and a half weeks ago i'm going back to the booster on monday so far my arm still hurts but i haven't grown any extra fingers or anything and what an rna vaccine does and would be one of the ones that i think will be ready to be considering the data in october meaning not too long from now is instead of putting some deactivated virus in you or some re-engineered virus it just injects rna into your cells and the rna makes the spike protein a harmless version of it so that you can build your own immunity to the spike protein so the main thing they're looking for is to make sure that minorities people of color others do it i can understand why you know you may not want yourself to be experimented on but i think they've got a problem signing up people uh in diverse community in minority and african-american communities so i hope that's going to come along too so walter you're participating in this but you're also covering it so when you talk to these doctors about the prospects for this vaccine and other vaccines do they share the optimism that dr dave just shared with us that there may be something here perhaps even by the beginning of next year oh yeah i think the pfizer ceo has said publicly and certainly i've heard that the data from the pfizer trial and there's one that's also an rna vaccine from moderna and there's one that uses a virus transport mechanism to get in and that's called the oxford vaccine you've probably heard of those all three of those are in phase three clinical trial with tens of thousands of people and i think by the end of october we are going to have data now this is going to cause one of the next political controversies because when we when we do have that data you know some people going to say well let's make the vaccine available and some say well let's wait until we're sure it's more safe but i think we'll have data knowing which of these works by the middle of october well yesterday the world health organization said it was concerned that spread of the coronavirus was being driven by people in their 20s 30s and 40s many of which were unaware that they were infected posing a danger to vulnerable groups wh officials said the proportion of younger people among those infected had risen globally putting at risk of vulnerable sectors the population worldwide including the elderly and sick people in densely populated areas with weak health services and and dr dave there's a lot of issues uh you know connected to that if you could like to comment but there's also a need for testing in the u.s i know the fda is authorizing a saliva test for covet 19. i know the white house uses a quick test the american people could use some testing that's quick where are we with that well first the fact that there are lots of young people infected and certainly transmitting it to older folks or those with underlying health illnesses is well established and of grave concern and it started in memorial day on july 4th and here we are in mid-august the saliva test that really just came out is uh an opportunity for a more rapid test without having the deep nasal swab that if anybody hasn't had it yet you will remember that experience certainly and that test is being used in part with the nba trainers and team members and administrators it is a test that they say with three hours of lead time they can test 92 subjects and come back with the test and they're hoping to make that even quicker it's going to be relatively inexpensive everybody is hoping that by late august maybe september we'll have a saliva test rather than the deep nasal swab as an option to increase our testing numbers rather than what we're witnessing now now which is a drop in the testing numbers even though we're going into the fall with flu season we're going into the fall with schools opening and kids going to school and now we know with absolute scientific certainty that kids are not immune kids can become transmitters of the disease and they just aren't sick absolutely and just like that reported by people in the 30s 40s and 50s who are passing it around who don't know they have it again a quick test would dramatically change our ability to reopen this country and we're way behind um you know if they had it things could happen we could go to work we could go to school people could get tested every day we don't have it we don't have anything close to it and the president doesn't want testing because he doesn't want high numbers of the coronavirus which is downright sick dr dave campbell thank you very much thanks for checking out msnbc on youtube and make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for morning joe and msnbc thanks so much for watching