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Ellen Shares Random Thoughts in Quarantine

Hey! Welcome back to my channel and today
I'm going to be doing different types of people during quarantine. Since we are
still stuck in quarantine I thought it'd be a great idea to show you how crazy
people can get. What makes this video extra special is that I am doing a huge
giveaway. You can win a full-size James Charles palette. Brand-new never even
touched. You can win that! All you have to do is watch all the way through to the
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episode on Boredom Busters! Just because we have to stay home, does not mean we have to be bored! Alright let's get started! Whew! The first type of person during this
quarantine is the EXTROVERT It's so nice to see somebody… you know I
haven't seen anyone for so long since we're stuck in this quarantine. I'm sorry to interrupt but you amazing… like that outfit is really cute on you…and your skin! Laughing Twinning! I know, it's so difficult. How are we supposed to live? Tissue? No? [Barking and howling] hold up wait a minute the next one is the FRUDUCTIVE. The FAKE PRODUCTIVE. Oh I didn't see you there. You caught me
during my busiest time of the day. I hope I don't look too frazzled. Well I'm just
enjoying this morning with some herbal tea and I'm writing my schedule for
today. Here is my schedule. I plan everything that is going to happen so
that nothing gets out of hand. It has been such a hectic morning so the first thing
that I'm going to do is meditate in my solarium. Oh do you hear that? I hear a
little bit of a rumbling in my tummy. I'm a little more hungry than usual so I'm
going to splurge and make a smoothie. The ingredients for a smoothie are milk, dark sweet cherries, tart cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and
blackberries. I've got my smoothie and now it's time
to get to work. Right now I am editing the video that I'm filming right now.
Wait, Wait, how are you editing the video that we're filming RIGHT now. Because I'm
very protective! I find it very soothing to write in my
gratefulness journal. I am grateful for the fluffiness of alpacas. UGH! OH my GOD! I'm about to vomit…that stuff makes me BLEHHHHH! I need a break! What is on Netflix right now! This is the life! I can't see anything. I guess I have to eat this. The next one is..introvert. Notifications Off! I'm gonna relax and watch some TV. BREAKING NEWS! As corona virus spreads, it
is imperative that you stay home and self quarantine
I repeat stay at home. Notifications OFF! The next one is….the CLEAN FREAK. That was only 19 SECONDS!!!!!! Don't touch your face! ELBOW! Caden!! Here's a tissue. Take your temperature. Hey! How are you doing? I'm Sorry, what was that? Oh I was just saying…Oh um, why don't we talk about something else? How was your weekend, I mean mine was really busy. [constant interruptions with the spray} {more interruptions) {MORE interruptions} Oh my God Where did you go? I had to get the mail. Thanks. Your Welcome. The conspiracy theory lover. Hi. I am Dr. K. and this is my coronavirus seminar. This
is not a coincidence. It is so obvious. All the letters in COVID-19 make sense except D. Because there's no D in Coronavirus. D must be from Denmark. Denmark is a country located in Iceland. I thought this was a
dead end but then I look back at the word
Coronaviurs. Corona is the name of the kingdom in Tangled! Rapunzel's best
friend is a Green chameleon. Green. Greenland! The Vikings switched names to confuse the travelers! Vikings were defeated in war with England in 910 AD! If you switch the
first two numbers in 910 you get 19! COVID_!!!! The only logical explanation is that the Vikings created coronavirus to win the war with England but failed to launch it
in time. And through excavation the Vikings
were found and released the Coronavirus!!! Emergency use only… This is emergency! Shhhh The Hoarder.. {Sniff} Can I have some? NOO!! I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure if you
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