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etrailer | Bestop Full-Length Header Bikini Installation – 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

welcome to bikini bottom a normally
peaceful undersea sanctuary today it will be transformed into a theta F pure
horror we're in our little yellow friend who played a starring role I have
devised an ingenious plan to finally steal the krabby patty formula F bikini
bottom happens to get demolished in the process so well hey with my brand new
duplicate Ultron 3000 I'll clone an army of robots that will wreak mayhem and
destruction and my one last review of the checklist
let's see item number one is plankton a genius answer yes okay checklist
complete throwing the switch well to my perfectly obedient robot army
say God I want to get a photo for my script please what I'm your master
I made you another perfect day playing robots and
racehorses yeah oh yeah I keep getting your racehorses
of the robots mixed up wouldn't it be great if yet real robots to play with
Patrick I named mine Robo junior or czar lon
or maybe Frankie yeah these are real robots are getting boring hey what if we
put the robots in here Oh shellfish of you it's not just any shell
it's magic magic we see wards and shake the magic potion but Patrick aren't we going to say the
magic wishing words you all really did so okay is the magic wishing wait it
used to be Alakazam Allah by Louise that ticket and a push bar griddle bits von
Vitas Nasser but I kept forgetting it are you sure there's a work sure
last week I only had one big cookie crumb and I was really hungry so I put
my cookie crumb in the magic wishing shell then I said the magic wishing word
and shook it and in the warning I had lots of little cookie crumbs magic I
proclaim that tomorrow is going to be the best day ever
good night Patrick the next melting robots gonna play robots gonna play with
Gary did you do that yeah Gary it sure looks like we're in a doozy of a pickle
I think I'm gonna have to learn a lot in order to fix this mess wow what a
fantastic idea these signs will provide important tips to help me out um how do
I read the signs oh okay press this button to read the signs hmm
so if I want to come back and talk to you again just walk up to you and press
this button I'd better get started now Gary I think that this is going to be a
very long day breaking news bikini bottom residents
have been attacked by a raging torrent of robot horror so much for fixing this
quietly authorities are not sure who is responsible for unleashing the
mechanical menaces but they have assured us that the person is in big big trouble
oh did I say big trouble I meant so enormous that it's hard to comprehend
trouble we'll keep you posted as this tragic story unfolds
tragically we're sure a note from mr. Krabs it even smells sweaty just like
him ahoy there spongebob as the faithful crew member of the
Krusty Krab you've been promoted to head trainee object collector Wow promotion
that's right a promotion so what does here new job entails is you collecting
all these shiny objects that the robots are leaving behind and bringing them to
me now stop see horsing around and get busy
collecting ah there's nothing like the sounds of your own neighborhood go away spongebob you're polluting my
thinking space trying to steal the krabby patty formula again a plankton
well you won't get away with it I've got bigger fish to fry I've gotta figure out
how to regain control of the Chum Bucket from those robots where did they come
from well um I don't know not for me though
that's for sure they just showed up out of nowhere and started calling me rude
names and throwing things they even been told my spoons I love
those foods like they will bite children that's terrible Oh Joe help me stop them
before they banned all my forks of course I'll help but wait I'm supposed
to collect a whole lot of golden spatulas golden spatulas eh spongebob if
you can get me back into the Chum Bucket I'll give you a bucket full of golden
spatulas in your dreams you've got a deal spongebob this
flapping robot crisis is making the Krusty Krab lose money like a sinking
ship no money means no more Krusty Krab no more Krusty Krab means no more fry
and for you but because you're gullible I'm gonna help you out and of course
make a small profit in return I've got a few golden spatulas that I'll
be willing to treat to you for some of those shiny objects well of course what
are employers for besides them shiny objects is worth lots of money your
desert chests looking a bit light boy do you think I've got bills water on the
brain I ain't running a charity here come back when you've got enough shiny
objects to trade first those stupid robots ruined a perfectly relaxing mud
bath this morning and now you show up Tamm I dare get any
more dreary I am so sorry Squidward perfect I were just playing a game and
oh I correct myself I should have known that whole robot problem involved both
of you Squidward I don't know what to do how can I fix everything why don't you
move to another town that should help out more than enough to another town I
got me out but seriously just jump around like an idiot that should at
least make me smile okay okay okay just stop jumping will you if you take it
slow and smart will you please don't wipe see Squidward I knew that you could
help me out you're the best oh don't touch me hey
spongebob I just dropped by to give you a bubble hand you see you're going to
need to learn some new bubble blowing moves
if you're going to journey to the ninth dimension and defeat the giant monkey
man oh I need to do is figure out how to get
rid of these robots sorry Something About You bubble moves right
press this button and you'll launch yourself straight up in the air with
bubble power that defeats anything that is directly above you try it out
hey Patrick nice sock what's ork one you're standing on oh
that one it's lost well if that one's lost where your other socks well they're
more lost a bunch of robots came through here and stole my old sock collection I
could use some help getting them back sure thing Patrick what are best friends
for okay then for every 10 socks you bring
back to me I'll give you a golden turkey basters you mean spatula borshu ah the
rolling green hills of jellyfish fields a place to experience nature and its
most raw and sometimes a bit panda from the stinks splurt are you okay no I'm not okay you
barnacle head do I look like I'm okay well your nose does look pretty big I
mean bigger than usual because it's usually pretty big and you look clammy
oh my gosh I've always been bald but now I'm stung
well according to the jellyfish your field manual severe jellyfish stings can
be treated effectively by applying a thick layer of King jellyfish jelly to
the affected areas well I guess you're off the scale sport mountain and die a
horrible death under the vicious tentacles of King jellyfish I'll stay
here balled up here in excruciating pain you do that don't worry Squidward
I'll bring back that King jellyfish jelly for you to rub all over yourself
hey Gary what's shakin Wow Wow a bungee jump for a golden spatula I
must be in Wow mermaidman I have all your comments
and toys and mail huh what oh yeah it's that sponge kid and now what was I
supposed to tell you that Patrick is surrounded by robots it needs my help
oh no I think it had something to do with massaging my feet
well if massaging your feet will say Patrick then massage I must pursue
massaging your feet isn't working I think I'd better try a more direct
approach by clipping my toenails first football oh thank goodness you're safe
Patrick of course spongebob why would I do well the robot oh yeah I fell discordant thanks Patrick I tell you
what all that running around has left me pooped why don't you continue on for a
bit go ahead watch where you're going the work is taught to me
Oh buddy role play about your command down here you prepay Tronics oh hi there
mr. plankton are you going to vaporize me today so very tempting unfortunately
I found myself in the end design position of having to assist you I was
in an undesirable position yesterday the mobile networks heed my words my large
future minion towards a jellyfish cave follow the instructions on the signs
that you see at the end of the caves you'll still be a big pink idiot but
you'll know enough to help defeat the robots and get me back into the Chum
Bucket who then will you be Burrows me I might spare your life so I can force you
to work in my sweatshop making low quality designer knockoff wallets oh
thank you ahoy there Squidward tells me you're looking for
the king jellyfish just good thing too that monster has been staying all my
good customers and their poop decks I hear that you can find him up top of old
sport mountain here go hook that beast sailor both boy mr. Krabs I'll see what
I can do Oh mrs. puff hello Patrick I've got a
job for you to do oh boy I found a golden spatula but those
robots out on the island stole it and throw it into the lake if you can figure
out how to get it back you're welcome to it sure mrs. Peabody
gosh everyone is trying to help out today step quietly there that King
jellyfish is just up at the top of this path
good luck you'll need it thanks bubble buddy dividend nicely done little yellow friend yeah oh
that's so much better anything for my best friend Squidward
can I rub some on what if I just gave you this downtown bikini bottom once a bustling
metropolis now a debris covered crater spongebob the robots are destroying
downtown bikini bottom we have to evacuate all right but it's gonna take a
while to get all this dust not vacuumed evacuate we have to get everyone just
safety can we just load them up in the boats that won't do any good why not
because the robots have taken all the steering wheels
couldn't we just drive in a straight line
no there are too many turns those things they thought of everything
never fear mrs. huff I'll get those steering wheels back spongebob if you're
involved I always fear but I tell you what if you can pull this off
I'll give you a golden spatula how about a driver's license instead nice try this door is locked from the inside who
would do such a thing hi Gary Wow yes thanks for noticing I
have been working out oh that's the entrance to the rooftops which leads to
the lighthouse aha there's another golden spatula I could
really use that what do you mean get sandy to help me I can get through this
Wow oh that gap looks big okay I'm definitely not making that jump how is
anyone going to get across there Oh more robots holy Dutchman's ghosts
that gap looks impossible and impassable okay
okay I'll go get sandy to help me out there you are boy someone's broken the
seal Edel that's horrible the C needle is the cradle of crochet corner yes yes
it is but what's more important is that there are T keys and shiny objects just
outside the windows mr. Krabs how can you think of money at a time like this
easy I just clear my mind money money money
now listen here boy you know that I'll give you golden spatulas if you bring me
citing objects but I'm going to sweeten the deal if you can break all the tikis
here at the C needle I'll give you a bonus golden spatula why would I want to
break the tikis mr. Krabs because they were laughing at you and calling you
funny names what kind of funny names um you know spongebob but pants that's not
very funny no but they said your mom was ugly ugly all right mr. Krabs break the
micelle you've got a deal hey Larry what's shakin sandy boy am I glad to see
you I need your help my TV reception has been terrible lately
I need to have someone replace my old antenna with this shiny new one yes sir
that bear antenna is shinier than a $3.00 bill well why don't you replace it
yourself I'm not really much of a jumper so what's your got to do with it because
the old antenna is up there whoo that's taller than a glass of Texas
tea the robots have blocked off that building and I can't do all those fancy
moves you and SpongeBob do to get across these gaps all I could do is flex wanna
see yeah great uh so what are you gonna do with the old antenna oh that it's
yours if you replace it with a new one well I have been getting bad TV
reception in the treedome okay Larry you got a deal spongebob I'm impressed how did you
fight well there was these robots I'm at Sandy and the White House was okay okay
sorry I asked mrs. puff now I'll help you guys evacuate but
spongebob you don't have a driver's license
oh don't I no no you don't well if I don't then what's this a library card
oh yes Big Bob your food so now they're back home safe where they belong Bergen Street became goo lagoon a
sun-drenched Beach of sludge at the bottom of the sea but all is not well
here on paradise spongebob do I look burned well you do
look a little red for nickels that darn robot robot yeah a big robot stole
everybody's sunscreen oh no everyone will burn and then they'll get all itchy
and peel exactly you can't spend the day at the beach without sunscreen that Sun
is way too hot that robot is out on the islands nobody
can get to him spongebob maybe you can use those Sun reflectors
to point the sun's rays on that robot if you hit one of the buttons on the side
of a lifeguard tower the reflector will turn connect all the towers and the
light will shoot right out of the big reflector on the island then all you
have to do is swim out to the islands and turn the big reflector onto the
robot I'll stay here and protect the babes but I can't swim Oh No the
children's beliefs have been overfilled they're carrying the children out of
control I don't know mrs. pop it looks like
they're having a lot of fun yes too much fun if you ask me you can save the
children by bubble bashing each of the balloons bubble bash all the balloons
then come see me for a reward can do I heard that you were collecting golden
spatulas yes bubble buddy I am have you seen one
why yes we were having a sandcastle contest and somebody put a golden
spatula on the top if I add a castle I name it pork patty town the third and
fourth patty town the third but I have a big bake sale every Monday golden
spatula Oh all right that should be easy to reach
well perhaps you should see for yourself hello Gary what's new you don't say
Squidward bought a new sweater oh he's so crazy Wow and there's a golden
spatula at the end of their time Wow sorry but the carnival is closed a pesky
robot has taken over me ticket booths and worse me money if you help me get
rid of that no-good robot I'll give you a big reward
congratulations spongebob you're king of the beach here have a golden spatula I have brought you two here to face a
great Jam I've got nerves of steel and muscle Duff
and the noise of Joey my plus item has been released by a mighty foe who you
must fight wish bring it on your highness in this corner defending the facade over
a small square guy huge murderous robot shaped like this
world you know to get home to see Gary was quite a battle tell him what he's
won Johnny it's a new power boom oh there's more a golden spatula gift
certificate for five dollars and 32 cents to Dean's Little Shop of dried
fish flakes and flowers oh thank you it all means so much I I promised myself I
wouldn't cry all you want Bobby we just waxed the floors a plantain yes what is
it I was just wondering why all the robots
seem to be coming from inside the Chum Bucket Hey
I really haven't noticed ah yeah and then there's that big flashing neon sign
that says robot headquarters spongebob I'm your friend right no not really
exactly and as your non friend I worry about you like right now you're thinking
too much I'm worried you might really hurt
yourself tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna think for you this way you won't
hurt yourself and you can just keep working on getting me into the Chum
Bucket thanks plankton you're the best non
friend a friend could have no more thinking for me
Wow Man and Barnacle Boy my heroes hit me with a water ball hit me hit me a V
yeah we don't do that stuff anymore kid we're retired is that the TV repairman
no it's that excited sponge kid again oh man
would be my greatest honor to fix your television good
hey sponge kid you really want to help out okay then
but lighten up a bit on the enthusiasm huh
you're making my bowels act up we've got a little problem with some robots down
in the mermalair are you sure you're up to this task
absolutely Barnacle Boy well go over to the couch to access the mermalair we'll
meet you down there is it pudding night yet this is a Bikini Bottom news update
we're getting unconfirmed reports that the robot Menace is emanating from the
Chum Bucket the proprietor plankton has released the following statement hear me
now I'll crush you all beneath my and now back to your regular programming
retirement home girls gone wild given their robots busted at the blast
spongebob I got a treehouse chock-full of robots and it's all your fault so get
in there clean up your mess alrighty then that's much better
I suppose you'll be needing this more than me let me teach you how to pull a
bubble press this button and you'll roll a bubble that can knock down robots from
a safe distance remember though the bubble poll only works on things that
are close to the ground welcome to the dark depths of rock
bottom home of strange creatures and souvenir t-shirts Oh spongebob I'm actually glad you're
here and believe it or not I'm glad I'm here
too mrs. puff the robots of stolen priceless artwork
from the museum if you can return it all to me I'll reward you with a golden
spatula what do you want all that artwork don't ask questions you aren't
prepared to handle the answer to consider the artwork save mrs. puff I
gotta say bubble buddy for a bubble you really get around spongebob
the robots are plundering rock bottom's museum but they've broken the roadway
leading up there you'll have to be clever can find another route to get in
what if I lick all these fans and Maio myself good work but perhaps being
sneaky would be faster are you on patrol oh down here no this is my second job I
work security now listen if you want to reach the golden spatula you need to
shut off the museum's security system you have to hear those peanuts are they
wrinkle free I like pay attention kids this is serious stuff
now if we don't get this robot thing resolved shady shoals are shut down and
I'll have to move back in with my son and his wife and his four screaming kids
now you see that vent on the other side of the museum yes sir that's where you exit the museum
good luck kid I won't let you down Barnacle Boy hey
Jerri your honor the trench of advanced darkness huh
sounds dark okay Carrie I'll be extra extra extra careful I've got my eye on
yours plugin spongebob I command you to bring sandy to me for this next job
question you best not be starting off no trouble nonsense I only wanna help help
crush you all look at my rise to power what was that nothing say see those
lasers there you mean then things that look like
fancy washing machines to your puny brain I suppose you'll need to turn on
each one of those in order to cross the last part of the trench of advanced
darkness he's better not be symmetric permit a mr. Krabs what are you doing
well I could have sworn me I saw a golden spatula here a minute ago but I
think it fell down this slide down the slide it might have broken its leg I've
got to save it go boy go save that poor spatula last piece of artwork accounted
for mrs. Puff's I left no strange glowing stone unturned
well now nice work spongebob the museum will finally be able to reopen and
here's your reward I'm ready for driving school to start up
again after all these robots are gone hmm
maybe these robots aren't so bad after all namely Man and Barnacle Boy you
shouldn't sneak up on mermaidman like that his heart's not so good come to
think of it nothing on him is that good anymore
sorry Merv a man it's just that I'm always so excited to see you two
standing in your awesome presence gives me that chills of justice see I've got
goose bumps on my goose bumps on my goose bumps on my goose bumps I'm like
all right kid knock it off just tell us what you want
well I really want a new pair of sunglasses
Patrick sat on my old ones that's not what I meant actually it's a good thing you showed up
young sponge of goodness it is it is yes a bunch of evil robots have taken over
the mermalair security system it's up to you to set it down and stop them but why
him we're perfectly capable superheroes because it's Thursday and we have a
whole bunch of doctors appointments ah fish sticks
I forgot go talk to the mermalair computer in the next room she'll tell
you what to do I accept this awesome responsibility mermaidman you won't be
disappointed shamed maybe but laughs disappointed to the doctor's IRAs
away the mermalair secret fortress at the
Wrigley superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy spoilers am I happy to see you and not
just the kind of happy you feel in the front of your knees but the kind of help
you feel in the back of your elbow or you'll never believe what's been
happening yeah yeah I've already been briefed by the geriatric duo those two
old coots sent me in to get updated with the mermalair computer but since you're
here now I'll let you do it it's relevant oh look at this place
I mean pun things would it kill them to lay down a few slow runs and all this
wasted space how did those two old fogies make all this call that easy in
episode 27 the mermalair is invaded by the digging monsters of Bermuda and say
nevermind I got a job for somebody who can throw things we've at us are great
at throwing things all you have to do is pick up a throw fruit and throw it and
each of those funnel machines Louise it's me no throw the throw fruit
through the Tootsie you might want to be quick about it I tend to explode I mean
they tend to explode hmm I'm gonna need a lot more power to act to make the
hydro acoustic Doppler modulator do you think you can handle this I could see
Squidward's house from up here and he's not wearing any pants the way he never
wears pants now listen up there are eight cylinders over there if you throw
something at the cylinders it'll turn around to the power side turn all eight
cylinders around to the power side and I'll give you a reward sorry what was it
I was watching the Squidward just start turning those cylinders ah well done now
there's enough power wouldn't you need all the power for why my foot bad the
course here have a golden spatula to be gained control of the security system
you need to press all the override button spread throughout the mermalair
the first one is here that's the buttons got it when you have pressed them all
you should return here to press the master shutdown button you will be
rewarded return here God are you listening to me listening got it Gary I
see major way down to the deepest recesses of the mermalair oh you took the elevator how do I get to
the top of this room wow you're right I bet those tunnels will take me up to the
top good thinking Gary boy there's gold
under that glass Gold I see my eyes are getting sweaty just looking at it all
you have to do is get that great big ball into that bear Cup how do I get the
ball rolling mr. Krabs you start the process by bubble bowling
up this rap to hit that button good luck spongebob my wallets counting
on you I have regained control of the security
system here is the reward I promised you you have pressed all the security
buttons now press the master shutdown button where though the security system has
been shut down and we got a good checkup hooray for justice and all its multi
splendor glory yeah well just boy you also cut the
power to the murmur layers BCS that's the one containment system is that bad
those Mermaid Man smell like sour milk yes yes I do
Oh No it looks like one of the villains is broken free what's that and evil on
the loose who is it man ray the atomic flounder the dirty no worse than that
he's your arch enemy prong did someone call oh I thought maybe I was looking at
superheroes but now I see it's just a couple of
pieces of now the rift world what it can't you
the worst thing you can imagine he put all the mermaid man's white clothes in
the water with a red sock personally I thought pink made you very pretty really
sure pretty stupid hahahahahaha eggs
what is that yellow thing some kind of mold I'm a moth I'm a sponge there's a
cellular difference i cellular difference
yeah yeah thanks for the lesson ducked of science
see you later Pinkie Pie the seven seas fun I shall not rest until you are
captured but first I shall have to change from my secret identity into
mermaid man you don't have a secret identity yo coop maybe I better take
care of pong while I take care of this I shall avenge you mermaid man thanks to
you Frankie mining spongebob here in my sock
drawer next to a bunch of pink socks it's another golden spatula Thank You
Mermaid Man I shall always live my life by your shiny
like goodness and kindness are you still here
Sand Mountain we're sea creatures go to enjoy an afternoon of falling down squidward am i glad you're here I need
to borrow your toothbrush again what you've used it this far
oh yeah lots of times I figured if you didn't know you wouldn't mind fine
what do I care I'm a wreck anyways I try and get some exercise to run nuts from
all this robot nuts well now everything is ruined because of a toothbrush no
it's those blasted robots they've taken over the ski slopes how can I stay with
those ugly thanks beating everyone up listen spongebob you've gotta help me
fellows my marbles if I don't get some relaxation I found if you keep your
marbles in a bag they don't get lost as often in fact I got mine right here it's
embroidered with this lovely border marbles I got a better idea if you get
rid of the robots at the bottom of every slope for me I'll give you one of those
golden spatulas well I don't know it's hard to beat the extreme fun of marbles
ok ok I'll give you one for each slope you're clear now that's a deal you don't say well there must be a way
up there I fly like the wind and float like a CB
if you can beat my time down the hill I'll give you a golden spatula I've gone down this Hill a hundred times
usually rolling darn kids think it's funny to push me but if you can beat my
time down the hill I'll give you a golden spatula I'm built for speed with this
aerodynamic physique but I'll give you a golden spatula if he can beat my time oh
you did it now I can go get my equipment and stay in peace actually I think that
Patrick borrowed your equipment what who said he can't do that I did I figured if
you didn't know you in mind again wouldn't mind of course I mind it's only
the most expensive skiing equipment you can buy and what does Patrick why would
that stuff anyway he doesn't even know how to ski this day just doesn't seem to
be getting any better hurry sweet words and more travel minute
chili Rihanna in a pantry help you'll write sandy but if that robot
really is like Patrick telling us for dessert what should we do well we gotta figure something out in
front oh maybe that fucking on his back in the self destruct
I'll try to hit it good idea spongebob but it's time to stop yapping and get to
it Moisture texas-style it's kind of roll out some robot
punishment thanks for saving me guys I never
thought I'd say this spongebob thanks Andy
we'd still be popsicles if it wasn't for her shit you fillers you're gonna make
me blush I think I have fuzzy in my pants I'm sorry plankton the chumbucket
lab is locked up tight I don't know if I'll ever get enough golden spatulas to
get in yes it's the Chum Bucket security system I decided myself it makes me so
proud it was meant to keep out the hateful throngs of the unwashed
unfortunately I never figured I'd be on this side of it so what are you gonna do
plankton we of course meaning you we're gonna
have to go out there and get those golden spatulas or I'll never get back
into the Chum Bucket to regain control of my robots
well that Oh mmm I said will I ever get back into the
Chum Bucket to stain all my pots yes mmm something's fishy here I've got the next move you teach me will
be the past whatever positive aloof a spongebob super pinky shake on it I
would if I had pinkies made later now pay attention spongebob this bubbles a
doozy paying my entire salary in attention when you're not moving press
this button and you're blow a bubble that you can steer as it flies through
the air aim carefully though you've only got a few seconds of flight time before
the bubble pops machine slash authorities have confirmed that the
robots running amok through Bikini Bottom are indeed coming from the Chum
Bucket yes right where you're standing plankton owner of the Chum Bucket and
best known for the creation of robots whose sole purpose is to cause mayhem
and destruction has denied any involvement and then stop on your
children and stop on your children's children this has been a Bikini Bottom
news flash what's wrong mr. grant you don't look so good you gotta help me boy
the Krusty Krab has been overrun by a bunch of them Oh them robots worse is there no end to their evil what are
we going to do mr. Rabb's breathe meaning you are going to clear the
robots out get me back Mira fronting and most
importantly rescue me money soon you had me worried there for a bit boy
worried for me money of course here take this as your reward we see comes to means what mischief can
be found in this sub aquatic some ambulant realm twin bubbles
I'm surrounded by dream bubbles wonder what that means Gary what are you doing
here Wow oh so I'm dreaming well then first thing I'm gonna do is dream myself
up a mustache oh thanks Gary it does make me look more rugged doesn't
it Wow more cast Wow I could use more golden spatulas but where should I start you mean each dream bubble has a golden
spatula Wow yes Gary I'll be careful Wow your dream is massive everything in
Texas is big even dreams then you're just the right person to reach the
spatula on top of that golden acorn my dream my rules
I'll get that spatula faster than a Texas champ ran across the four-lane
highway who puts challenges in their own streams
squirrels we're tough like that oh you'll need to
be real tough to make this series of swings I could do it in my sleep you are
asleep sleep well there's a golden spatula out there for you if you make it
far enough I'll do it so fast it'll make your head spin faster than a horny toad
on a merry-go-round why can't I ever just read normal dreams of world
domination for heaven's sake boy cover your ears
mr. Krabs what are you doing in Squidward's dreams third time boy or at
least it feels like it do you think you can make it across this sheet of music
to the golden spatula and Squidward's big nose don't worry mr. Krabs I'll end
this challenge on a high note good luck boy when you get there try to wake him
up they runnin out of aspirin wait wait this is amazing amazingly our fall UMaine mr. Krabs is
dreaming of the Krusty Krab what a surprise
I can't escape work anywhere Wow lunch rush I better grab my head and get my
hat – that spatula and get us out of here
it's like a shiny golden toothpick that holds together the bun of wait don't
have time for this Patrick you have a golden spatula give
it here not so fast spongebob you'll have to
pass my test before you get this golden spatula
very well sir challenge accepted your challenge is dated spittoon
you're holding it here is your reward here we are in the kelp forest an
interesting area with many sights to see for those that don't get hopelessly lost
first hi mrs. puff driving class isn't out
here today is it no spongebob what why do you send them back to do you think
we'd have class out here just to hide from you I'm just gathering twigs for
the winter yes that's it oh I hope I have a merit badge in twig gathering
actually you can help with something else
these robots showed up and scared all the students I mean that campers off
into the forest before the Ranger arrives someone needs to go out and find
them I'm a sponge for the job thanks spongebob
I'll make sure to give you a nice reward when you found all of them oh boy that's
it I'm trying to return three Stone D keys to this pedestal so I can get to
the kelp cave across that bridge could be person there
I saw three T Keys scattered around this area but the old brain couldn't figure
out how to get some back up here can I try sure why not
I need a good laugh there's a golden spatula up there for you if you succeed
oh poor mr. Krebs I'll see what I can do well done sighs tell you bye you need to
round up customers for the Krusty Krab gives you a call or with the customers
wanna be very wrong you're a strange one you are Patrick hey kid I could really
use your help if you had some time to spare
Shelburne a couple a what do you need I'm trying to recover my lost energy
crystal said power my new secret superhero power it seems the robots have
found my supply and I'm hidden them in this cage equate superhero power if I
told you it wouldn't be a secret would it just trust me it's worth finding
these crystals go search it myself but my bunions are acting up today well then
you rest those super bones of yours I'll get searching for these crystals oh boy
there let happen I gained the power to trim my nose hairs at SuperSpeed
incredible yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess so well well then I need to return to
the mermalair and get back to work but here take this golden spatula and go
away of course barnacleboy I'm always happy to lend my services to my favorite
superhero if you ever run into trouble again let me know yeah sure kid hi
Mermaid Man what are you doing here oh hello Kyle I was trying to find some of
our missing energy crystals when I came across this vibe in my younger days I
held the all-time speed records Irvine sliding yes you try it and if you can
beat my best time I'll give you another of these gold spatulas try I am a bit
busy with all these robots but sure why not
it does look like fun try not to fall off Bob there you are
thanks to you all the campers have safely returned no problem at this table
any self-respecting spongey would gladly help and it was actually fun exploring
the kelp forest you're not so bad when you aren't behind the wheel spongebob
thanks again always lend a hand mrs. puff
I found this golden spatula the other day
you definitely earned it the graveyard of ships somewhere among this haunted
mess if fearsome Specter awaits it's me
spongebob sir I don't need any cookies but I'm not a
shell scout look kid I'm too disturbed to scare the bejeezus sorry right now
come back later what's the matter it's these darn robots they throw me off my
own ship they have being thrown off your own ship is like having your pants
pulled down in front of casual acquaintances it's a sad sad thing
now those robots have got their own pirate ship and they're blastin away at
each other is there anything I can do to make you feel better well know that you
mention it get up to my ship and use the cannons to single-handedly defeat the
robot ship any questions is that adorable hat available in a size 3 no
but if you do this a golden spatula be your booty now get going oh hi there mr. Squidward swab the poop
deck yes hilarious don't you have a Platinum
wisp to get that's golden spatula whatever there's one up there ahoy there
spongebob swab the poop deck oh I already did that joke with Squidward mr.
Krabs yes well it's a good one the way here's
what you need to do destroy all the power generators on the robot ship once
the power is off you'll be able to shoot the Dutchman's cannons to destroy their
robot ship cannon do mr. Krabs but now that I look at it I think I'll
keep this golden spatula it's so nice and shiny it reminds me of my first
buried treasure never make it up those heal I got an a butter churn back in
1873 what a prize I tell you nothing beats three me and earned but sweet just
a cotton-pickin minute butter boy we did all that stuff and you're backing out
like a sea weasel if you want this bull thing he's so bad to come you know oh it looks like ice chips
it's even got all the little moon flies post-doc me alright give it a
rapscallions here's the golden spatula look at that gosh that big square head
and the short shorts mr. C great that hideous thing looks like me I always
know spongebob with Jimmy's mom there's definitely something funny going on here
and I don't mean you something else funny you're behind all this aren't you
yes yes it was me all the time behold the duplicate rod I registered the name
so don't even think of ripping me off with this I can make the robot copy of
anyone I was going to make an army of loyal robots that would obey my every
command but they're running a lot I forgot to set the switch to obey
plankton huh but now that daddy's home I can fix that
what's wrong now it should be working I knew I should have made a copy of
myself but how do you do allow me to introduce my friends Patrick sandy destroy my beautiful bride we were
supposed to get married next week did he say marry I'll return you baby I think
the whole body's getting sports lobby this fluid tear huh well
then I'm going to follow him into my head I mean into my robot versions head
which is like my head but bigger and more metallic where you go already
here I come robot light then this is just getting too weird we Oh well plankton I hope you learned your
lesson oh I certainly did next time I did it right there are still robots out
there making a mess of bikini bottom sandy is right what if I choose a
squirrel I'm big plan on being punished still work to be done out there barnacle
boy I wouldn't stop and neither will I we can't rest until the Keeney bottom is
safe are you