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Every Quarantine Ever

[Music] welcome to the kill count where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies i'm james agenese and today we're looking at quarantine 2 terminal released in 2011 to limited theaters but really direct to dvd and only dvd not blu-ray which is why the movie footage isn't high-def although the first quarantine was nearly a shot-for-shot remake of the spanish film wreck quarantine 2 is not a remake of wreck 2 nor is it a remake of any other movie nor is it a found footage film like its predecessor like the skeleton guys flanking mr pumpkins it's its own thing that's normally something to get excited about and honestly quarantine 2 does have a few other things going for it that made me want to like it for instance it's setting it takes place mostly in the unseen areas of an airport which i think is a great location to be in while you're running away from foamy mouth killers i also like how they've continued the story of the first movie with the super rabies now being weaponized as a sort of wmd unfortunately the acting and dialogue make quarantine 2 seem like something made for cable tv it's painfully plain and every character is an empty shell who's only given a single attribute to make them sympathetic whether that's being pregnant or on their way to see a long-suffering spouse or being the father of a toddler back home none of these tear-jerking characteristics saved them from messy deaths though and i've got a sponsor for today's episode so i can show you all the carnage on edited manscaped gives you everything you need to keep your downstairs looking like a finished basement and when you're done using their perfect package essentials kit to clean things up you can slip on a pair of their boxer briefs which will keep everything temperature controlled with their crop cooling technology i love wearing this anti-chafing underwear while i'm working out because i only want the best for my boys you can get the best for your boys too for 20 off by going to manscape.com deadmeat that's manscape.com deadmeat for 20 off and free shipping so you can get those boxer briefs today let's see how many people escape their uncomfortable coach seats through death and get to the kills [Music] the movie begins on a runway at the most frustrating place in the world lax baby super besties flight attendants jenny and paula are getting dropped off at this hell hole so they can work a small flight headed to kansas city the plane will be flown by captain forest and co-pilot wilsey who's feeling a little woozy there i think i got it from my dog oh you think it's woofing syndrome bomber by the way wilsey's actor andrew benator was just seen on the kill count as the very first victim in stranger things the scientist who got killed in the elevator and for those of you asking the season 2 kill counts will be out in october the nice thing about quarantine 2 is that it's got a finite number of victims for me to count they're mostly limited to the passengers on this plane let's then meet them there's a prickly adolescent in a blue hoodie named george who's placed under the supervision of jenny look i can take care of myself fine god a doctor named kingston who suffers from parkinson's and is traveling with his wife bev doc can hear you he just can't speak no one moved very well a gambler named ralph bundt who doesn't have a great understanding of personal space a medic named shyla who's on her way to see her husband for the first time in over a year and a kindergarten teacher named henry traveling with a cage full of his classes hamsters bitey bitey hamsters who look like rats there's also a high maintenance pregnant couple named nile and susan a horny european couple a vorstan nika an impatient guy named preston who uh what's he doing there oh i see business and a woman named louise who has the cutest little kitty also luisa's actor sandra ellis lafferty was previously on the kill count in a small role as a nurse in wes craven's new nightmare and that's the extent of the behind the scenes tidbits i have for this movie sorry folks there's just not a lot of info out there for this direct-to-dvd endeavor after jenny's done flirting with henry and putting his hamster rats below deck the planes ready for takeoff for the 12 passengers and four crew members man this is always the most boring part of flying glad i'm watching a movie where we can just skip over it oh what this movie's gonna show us all of the pre-flight procedures just make us sit here and watch this boring shit great i honestly don't know what i find funnier the inclusion of all that bullshit or the fact that some obviously improvised dialogue was messed up when they kept it in anyway i'm gonna be a daddy like the guy starts his line the two of them talk over each other and then she laughs politely as he restarts his line i'm gonna be your daddy plus just this weird delivery there i'm gonna be your daddy i love it that daddy-to-be is disruptive on a phone he shouldn't even be using right now so henry intervenes to help jenny out he's not a fan of how people behave nowadays it doesn't make you wonder about the human race how we're gonna make it no not really brah for some reason jenny's into this dude hanging around him as he watches news coverage of the first movie on his laptop but she can't spend the whole flight flirting because she's got other passengers to tend to like ralph i just need some water yeah he needs to replace the blood he lost from that rodent bite i'm sure it's just dehydration jenny checks on ralph a little bit later and finds him foamy and icky and pukey and sicky she and paula try to clean him up not noticing that cute kitty getting a little cheap meal in but jenny's barely even done with her mid-flight makeover when ralph charges at her full speed down the aisle he bangs on the cockpit door yelling that he once off the plane until a few passengers including little guy georgie get involved and try to subdue him together they get ralph to the ground and bind him while inside the very cramped cockpit captain forrest reports the situation to the faa they ask him if the passenger has rabies-like symptoms which yup so they demand that the plane make an immediate emergency landing which does not look like a fun time but that the attendants try to strap ralph into a chair but some turbulence knocks paula down into his biting range bad news since ralph is now fully infected and can go on the oh he bit her face that's no good once again the passengers band together against the big guy and succeed in shoving him into the bathroom right as the plane touches down at least paula had a mask what he did that through a mask god damn shyla sedates paula and tries to bandage her wound as the rowdy rabies man growls and groans from the bathroom when the airport refuses to give their plane a gate captain forrest decides to take one for himself so he pulls into a terminal worked by a guy named ed ramirez whose shift was just about to end tough break dude the passengers leave the plane as the pilots keep ralph in the bathroom but they find the door to the terminal closed and locked with paula needing serious medical help ed leads them on another path through the bowels of the airport where are we grandpop's staging area where all this shit gets done that you'll never see like i said in the intro i like seeing the inner workings of an airport in a horror movie it's a good location nice and spooky but it doesn't lead them to any escape because every door and gate they try is live they got us on lockdown lockdown yeah you ever heard of terrorism little thing called 911 never heard of it idiots the news of the concept of terrorism freaks everyone out and their fears aren't quelled when they realize there's a friggin army setting up outside with a megaphone voice telling them what movie they're in part 2 terminal motherfuckers the passengers get unruly and begin to take it out on jenny but medic shyla shuts them up by saying paula needs to get fixed fast she says she has a medkit in the plane hall that can help so ed agrees to take jenny and a few others back to the plane on their way there the power goes out giving us more genre appropriate lighting as they reach the plane and find that nobody's there i do like the police lights in this shop the way they're dancing up and down the aisles like that kind of cool they look around for any signs of life nope none in the bathroom and an unreasonable amount of time goes by before they realize that doc kingston is still sitting in his seat what where the fuck did his wife go and how did they not see him sitting there this whole time preston agrees to watch over the dock as the others climb through a hatch into the hall jenny finds shyla's med kit as niall retrieves a handgun he checked and then a loose white lab rat shows up and scares everyone into a tizzy fucking huh wonder if that thing came from the cage full of supposed hamsters henry jenny climbs out of the hall and looks around for someone else that i can add to the kill count and she found one it's wilsey who's clearly infected his head cold in the beginning was just a red herring but now he's been for reals infected by ralph okay bye willie and hello captain forrest guess she couldn't see the forest for the rabies the infected pilot attacks jenny and then ed until nile shoots some bullets into and thankfully not through his back the survivors run back to the boarding bridge where they find doc and preston on the ground but preston's got a bite mark on his neck so yeah maybe just leave that guy there jenny also finds beth oh so that's where the doc's wife went and that's where she goes on the kill count since she's infected though you couldn't necessarily tell from her total lack of makeup come on quarantine 2 these cheap roars just ain't cutting it they give back to the others and catch them up on the whole rabies thing shyla helps paulo with a patch up as jenny talks to this 12 year old about her character art which is learning to take control of situations super cool to further herself along that development jenny makes a big speech to the others about how she's in charge now no matter what nile says i got this so shoot me or shut the fuck up with everyone deliberating nobody notices that doc kingston is worried about a rat he sees overhead oh and now it's on his head on it bit him get out of here rat they capture the wrap and decide to stick doc behind some chains for their own safety oh looks like paula got put in plain jail too the rat is an albino lab rat just like the one in the plane hall and the only one with any idea of how they got there is george who says he saw a tail sticking out of henry's carrier i had hamsters when i was little they have little stubby things that you can barely see not tails during an aside henry promises jenny that he didn't bring rats onto the plane okay he's a good guy he swears they hug out her suspicions of him until big man ralph reappears all infected and growly the other passengers come to the rescue and together they end up hanging ralph until he dies but of course since i counted him when he got infected there's nothing more to add right now they get a visit from the cdc who are here because they're looking to adopt a new pet oh thinking about a rat good call they're low maintenance and smart the passengers ask them why they're all pointing guns at their faces but are told to just keep their asses calm for the time being everything will be explained they take niall's gun and free the infected passengers from their jail now why you all doing that everything will be explained alrighty then they stick the sickies with needles full of drugs but nobody else is eager to volunteer for the treatment despite the constant reassurance of future understanding everything will be explained explain it to us now louise finally agrees to give the shot a shot but her kitty bites her and runs away it's a bad pussy just like what braun needed doc kingston is also revealed to be infected as he's now up and about with strength enough to bite the cdc worker's neck out they shoot doc down and kick their way out of the building and the four cdc guys are followed by the tie-dye-wearing hevores one-half of the vaguely european horny couple he leaves his girlfriend nica behind but maybe that's for the best since he and the cdc workers are gunned down outside one of them survives though which is why i'm only adding four people to the count right now with the sounds of the infected hordes getting closer everyone runs to a catering truck so they can hide in the back nile hesitates though cause he's not feeling too great in fact he's infected which is confirmed when he pulls his wife susan away henry takes the gun and demands some answers from the cdc guy it's not cdc cbdt whoa you guys brought cbd nice chemical biological domestic terrorism oh never mind that's pretty narky dog he confirms this outbreak is connected to the los angeles penthouse lab from the first movie which was owned by someone from a doomsday cult who created the virus in the first place since they never found an antidote and things are looking pretty grim the cdc worker grabs the gun and takes his own life shooting himself off screen at least that truck has a drain though that's convenient the drain reminds out of a service tunnel beneath this terminal which they can find with some maps just over the oh willzy what up dal to stop wilsey from being kilzy george hits a button that raises the truck and crushes the zombie co-pilot into stillness they leave this truck of delight and head out to find a map of the terminal though henry suspiciously disappears along the way nika also suspiciously disappears not sure which infected person got her but it might have been paula who jenny sees has finally succumbed to the virus took you long enough paula most people turn in like half that time it's like you don't even care jenny takes some leadership and defends the others against her best friend knocking paula down a couple of stories where she dies with that patented fake looking leg angle people always do that when they fall to death in movies they get to an office and look for the blueprints as little georgie porgie goes through henry's backpack that he joined in it he finds printouts of plans for world domination henry's a goddamn bioterrorist part of the doomsday cult that made this virus and in fact it was his penthouse apartment in the first movie and you know what i bet he's not even a real kindergarten teacher either ed locates and reads off the blueprints until they're rudely interrupted by a power drill oh wait what that susan confirmed infected sounded more like a power drill to me but no it's susan and niall who attacked the others sounding like drills and or cats henry appears and shoots them and though it looks like he's been bit he's not all that concerned because as george reveals henry had an antidote in his back developed at his apartment in la he says his mission is to save the planet through population control i told you before on the plane i'm one of the good guys willing to do something and take responsibility for the future but ed don't buy that shit so he charges that henry and catches a bullet in the side for his effort henry does some crowd control and then gives himself a shot oh right in the eye ah man not the eye fuck you can just feel that pressure oh amazing i can't feel a thing bullshit he takes the blueprint and the blue boy and pieces out on the ladies planning to escape and turn georgie into a little eco-terrorist in training for absolutely no discernible reason jenny and shyla split up so jenny's by herself when preston charges at her the first time we've seen him fully infected he chases her through this human-sized mousetrap obstacle but she ends the zany action with a crazy contraption because preston forgot the most important rule don't get caught jenny then comes across the infected nikka who starts uh sniffing into the air what you think you smell someone who's not infected nika maybe check behind you well i mean he could have just turned around but okay jenny escapes nika's detection and reunites with shyla who grabbed a pair of goggles from the cdc guy wait are they heavy if they're heavy then they're expensive put them back instead she gives them to jenny because somehow she's been bitten and she'd rather go out buying jenny some time to get away jenny watches through the goggles as shyla acts as bait and draws out a bunch of infected people including louise who's just well the virus hasn't made her any faster huh by the way counting shyla here as she's attacked because we never see her infected and i mean you know she fucked jenny escapes through a hole in the wall and follows a trail of blood on the floor with her goggles she sees that it goes around a corner and oh okay now she's up crawling through the walls or some shit cool a couple of carefully placed clues lead her straight to george who's huddled in a hole and saying that the antidote didn't work on henry jenny comes down to help george despite his urgent wishes for her not to shitty please don't please go back up please please but she does it anyway and finds henry super infected and ready to be all scary towards her yo where'd your shirt go dude he growls and bites at her as george puts on the goggles and grabs the gap with a rat-a-tat tap he puts the bastard down mostly anyway he's still wriggling and writhing a bit there i wish more characters would learn to double tap their oh holy shit yeah there you go jen jen glad i got that sponsor an explosion goes off cause they be burning this place down so jenny kicks open a chute that'll lead them to freedom yo what the fuck kid did you not just see that fireball getting the goddamn air duct the two of them begin making the long crawl but during one of the many times george slows his ass down to look back he notices that jenny's starting to breathe a bit more raggedly cause that girl's been b.i.t bitch leave me i'm not doing without you dog you probably fucking should though they continue onward george's face somehow looking super poopy pants even underneath those goggles and eventually he reaches the end where he's able to squeeze himself out like he's toothpaste in a blue hoodie jenny's right behind him but she's infected now so she attacks george and reveals that she's hated his blue hoodie all along you look like you were wearing a snuggie george with jenny stuck behind the bars george leaves her and walks into a very weird and fake looking shot to end the movie through his discarded goggles we see that louise's infected kitty has made it out as well out into the city of sand right on the goddamn strip how many people contracted terminal rabies and quarantine 2 let's find out and take off to the numbers [Music] twenty people died slash were infected in quarantine two with the victims consisting of seven women and thirteen men a nearly two to one ratio of dudes with a run time of 86 minutes that left us with a kill on average every 4.3 minutes i'll give the golden chainsaw for coolest kill to henry if we count the ultimate end to his infected form definitely the most impressive kill in this otherwise mostly tame movie dull machete for leima's kill will go to hevorst and the cdc people gunned down outside couldn't even see that shit and that's it quarantine 2 terminal came out in 2011 and is an entirely forgettable sequel next week we'll be getting depraved with a house of a thousand corpses but until then i'm james agenese this has been the kill count thanks a lot for watching this kill cow i want to thank some patrons like jessie spitzer matthew charlin justin and hayley mattis samantha block junior guerra nate p and sammy marcelino yep you heard right we got the firefight trilogy coming up next that means house of a thousand corpses that means devil's rejects that means three from hell thanks everyone be good people