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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (10/11) Movie CLIP – Sex Off (2008) HD

Listen. Yes! Yes! Yeah. sARAH;yes! Oh, yes! yeah! Yeah! Oh, God!
Yeah! (YELLING) Right there!
Yes! Yes! She's having Yes!
an orgasm! This is the best sex ever! Yeah, all right,
that'll do. What? l made a mistake
coming here with you. (MOANING CONTINUES) And l'm not done either! Please shut up! Okay.
Okay! You're still involved
with him next door,
ain't you? Excuse me? You should've seen yourself
at dinner, Sarah. Then we come back here,
and you put on
that ghastly performance. l mean, l've heard that
women do fake orgasms, but l've never seen one. lt really deeply upset me. You should have seen
yourself at dinner. ''Oh, l'm Aldous Snow.
Bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit, bullshit. ''No, no drinks
for me, thanks. ''Bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit.'' That's a really
reductive impression. lf l wanted to
see you act badly,
l'd just watch your TV show, which, obviously,
l can't now, because
it's been cancelled. Oh, my God,
you're such a prick. And you know what? Let me tell you something
about these tattoos, okay? That is Buddhist.
That is Nordic. That is Hindu.
That's just gibberish. They are completely
conflicting ideologies. And that does not make you
a citizen of the world. lt makes you full of shit. Was that genuine
or did you fake that? Right. l'm gonna
probably clear off now. l'll have a little sleep
for a few hours, then l'm gonna probably go
in the morning, okay? l hate your music. Yeah, well
l fucked th'e housekeeper
the other day.