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Get to Know Kamala Harris | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Our nation is hurting. More Americans have died in the last three months than ever before. The worst economy since the Great Depression; anger and division. It’s time for us to come together and remember who we are: Americans. Joe Biden is the president for this moment. A man tested by tragedy, proven in a crisis, a leader who acts through compassion and strength, not anger and weakness. Standing with him, Kamala Harris: A strong voice for a better America. Daughter of immigrants, a passion for justice, a happy warrior in the battle for the soul of America. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the America we believe in, where hard work means more than family wealth, where compassion and kindness are strengths, not weaknesses. This is the America of our better angels. The best of America: strong, compassionate, determined. On November 3rd, a new beginning. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s Time. The Lincoln project is responsible for the content of this advertising.