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Good Teachers Vs Bad Teachers

Happy Teachers Day sir, thank you so much kids I'm gujrati so i'll do tilak first Always i give fees before the time so sir first i'll do arti I'm sir's favourite student so first i'll do arti i'm scholar so first i'll do worship sir Wait no one will do nothing Vidya you do tilak and flower up I can do whole worship can i start? you brother without saying anything feed sweet Anantya you garland It seems that sir's screen is stopped but anyways sir from my side garland Oh anantya gupta sir is gone, it's teachers day that's why we are doing worship of sir Sir need to break coconut now it's turn Remember everything apart from coconut's incident, because there is so much comedy ahead Because today's video is online study teacher vs students And along with happy teachers do you need to do SUBSCRIBE And if you like this video so hit 2,00,000 LIKES, so let's go and start the video yes yes let's go Hey anantya how's my earring? it's good? do you know my eyeshadow is how much costly!! My ponytail is not less than anything, jus like shahrukh Sir came, is it online class going or fashion show? Sir hii, anantya stand up from there, sit straight From now onwards everyone should be in my class well mannered, well behaved and well dressed up just like me Sir surely from tomorrow, change it now Pony one straight your hairs otherwise i'll cut your pony Look silencer he is sitting just like decent student Why shouldn't i sit in well manner, am i ganguteli like you? My brother don't ask question, we are getting ready remove earrings from ears, remove peacock wings, mid partition 2 ponies, no lipstick Sir now it's fine and silencer now you are happy? Now you are looking students, well dressed up just like me Oh what is this, sir is in shorts Yes kid, are you understanding this heart structure? no sir network issue Anantya are you listening? no sir Now it should be coming i'm so near no sir In my class you are playing with mobile? No sir what you were explaining if that 2D or 3D than i can understand it better that's why i'm learning from Tutorix Nowadays everyone is learning from tutorix what you got in this? Sir when study is done with the help of 2D or 3D visuals &understand all concepts, so why don't we study from it? But your syllabus is CBSE, sir it has 6 to 1oth complete CBSE syllabus coverage It will give questions like me? why don't it can't give?we can solve quizzes in it look here Wow we can also track performance in it, just like you highly qualified teachers made amazing videos for effective learning in it This app is for my use too, i'm saying sir you also download it Because it clears all concepts that you told And sir i did this just you don't feel bad, sorry sir, anantya remember one thing That a teacher always ready for learning and teaching And talk about tutorix , Who so ever is teacher knowledge should be good Thank you sir it means you will also teach in free, why is it so? because tutorix is a free app Queen is still sleeping and there is online classes in 5 minutes Babli your sister anantya is 10 minutes late completely 10 minutes late, if she didn't come in 5 minutes Anantya wake up class is started now Here she came sir, yes kid so tell me how is the earth? Now give answer in yes or no, tell me our country got freedom in 1947? Now tell me this what comes before Y? Wow such.a good sleep! online class is going? oh you killed us Sir i know what is the meaning of heaven what is hell? Listen you bought germful brinjal, i came in hell after marrying you Sorry kid, leave it leave it sir i got the answer So sir my math's answer is, i'm saying mrs gupta that tiwari's daughter is fail Oh she is failed really , now going to tell everyone my mom stop making lunch Why are you dancing? sit now class is going on, i'm sorry sir just flow in emotions Anantya go fast and fill the bucket and pot go ok Apology sir water came only for half an hour in our society, class comeback but water don't Are you filling water, should i come? today's day is so bad Tomorrow is your GK exam so tell me who killed akbar? Sir vidya's swear i didn't kill him Silence yes sir ask? you can't do anything let me teach them, give side What is national flower of India? oh mam you don't know Lotus is our national flower i know but lotus is BJP party's flower Lotus is our flower but now you said that it is national flower Oh gurudev it is our national flower, mam if i'm a teacher then you are a student Silencer leave me alone, if i left you then who will teach? today i'll do well preparation for these kids Namaste sir, so kids are you ready for class? Sir for class we are absolutely ready First question of maths is, you forgot it your online class is going on Let's start, anantya you forgot it that it is not real class it is online class And mrs gupta look at here kids preparation Mrs anand and look at here teacher's preparation Oh mom i forgot it that today is not real class it's online class Today i'm missing real school so much and if you also missing so fast hit LIKE Yes kids so history's lesson is never fight with anyone Yes sir don't know when we have to sit back on whose in exam? Absolutely right kid, who paid the fees? Vidya where is fees? yes sir i did online netbanking Pony one where is your fees? sir i attend online classes for 5 days only Everyone's fees is done, sir my fees i didn't study, kid rather giving fees take it from me but dont ask question Anantya when your fees is coming? didn't came from last 2 months sir you said that knowledge cannot be measured by money Leave fees, just think that you gave fees children's day gift now So how's the video? Video anyways teacher vs students online classes But i'm missing real school and real teachers a lot And remind from real teacher tutorix app you can also download it I already downloaded it, and for you we gave link in description box So download it fast and study