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Haschak Sisters – Girls Rule The World

After a long day, girls want just one thing. To take off those uncomfortable, restrictive bras! Just one of the many things only girls understand. Okay pores, You’re no longer welcome on this face! Nothing like a night of self-care right, ladies? Ah, Let the Netflix binge begin! Ahhh. My eyelids suddenly feel heavy. And she’s out. Sophia? She
always falls asleep out here. Sophia! Wake up! Whoops! A 5 minute mask? It’s been way longer than that! Gah! Can I try? Careful! That’s my face! WOAH! I did it! Ooh, smooth as a baby’s bottom! Oh, Lily! Lunch is always a good time to catch up. And as usual Sophia has a ton of great stories
to tell! And while you listen, you drink. Woah, Lily’s sure thirsty. Can you imagine? Me on a horse? Ooh, I suddenly have to pee! Okay, almost there! Wait! This romper’s like fort knox! I’ve gotta undo everything just to pee. Why didn’t I just wear pants today? This is taking forever. Now for the straps… It sure is chilly in here. Hope no one barges in Or they’re in for a surprise! Wow, nice manicure, Sophia! Yikes! Sorry Sof, I gotta run! It’s Brad! Uh, how do I — LILLY! Can you help me? So much for my fresh mani. C’mon… Gah! Maybe if I slide this… Why don’t elbows have thumbs?! Brad’s gonna think I’m ignoring him. I’m here, babe! NO! I’m so doing gel next time. I’m just gonna rest my eyes for one second… Gah! That was close. History’s so boring… Lilly? Wake up! How long was I out for? That cat nap felt great. Okay, back down to business. Ooh, that’s not a good look… I know! Gah! Your mascara! Not now, Sophia! I so know the answer. Ooh, like raccoons, do ya? Um… What? You may want to invest in a hand mirror, young lady. Yep, you’ve got raccoon eyes alright! Can I go back to my seat now? All girls know red lips make a statement. Lookin’ good, Lilly! But remember, don’t forget to bring it with you for touchups. Hey! How are you? I ordered you a burger. But before you dig in, don’t forget about your fresh lipstick! So far, so good. I’ve been there many times. These fries are a way better bet. Ugh, eating like this is so annoying. Aren’t you thirsty? Now this is gonna be tricky. Nope, not that way… Maybe if I waterfall it… Man, this stuff is hard work! Stupid lips. C’mon, Sophia! Hold on, I’ll get my keys. Hmmm… A soda! C’mon… Water? NO! I swear they’re in here… How’d this get in here? Please, Sophia… Seriously?! Why are girls’ purses always bottomless! Any chance you got a toilet in there?! Yes! I knew I’d find it! Uh oh… Looks like the hurry’s over. This is so embarrassing! The eyes are almost done. Just need some liquid liner. Steady… Brian? One second! Rushing while applying liner is never good… Ooh, is that even a line? Definitely uneven. You home, Lilly? ONE SECOND! I’ll just fix the other side to match. Almost there. ONE SECOND, PLEASE! Will this vicious cycle ever end?! I can’t go out like this! Maybe this will help? Uh, is this even helping? Things aren’t looking any more even. Perhaps I can do the same thing over here. That’s a little better. At least they’re similar, right? Okay, I’m comin’ out. Hey. What’s up with your face? Let’s just go, okay? Oh, hey there! What? Oh! Thanks! How can I do this gracefully… I’ll deal with it later. These short skirts are the worst! Oooh…. Everyone’s gonna see my underwear! There! It’s like watching a car wreck! Okay, things are getting real, people. Almost there… Phew! Hope I didn’t sweat all my makeup off. She’s awkward but adorable. If you’re a girl, you could relate to at
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