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HIGH SCHOOL YOU VS CHILD YOU || Different Types Of People Relatable Moments!

– Hey, there, this song is
for those amazing teachers across the country who have chosen to teach children in person this fall. They are brave, they are
enthusiastic in spite of, let's face it, a tough
situation, because you know what? – Oh, and thank you to
the hundreds of teachers who sent us videos getting
pumped up for the school year. You are our heroes, for example. ♪ Thomas in Georgia got much mask ♪ ♪ Yeah, Dana in Virginia got much mask ♪ ♪ Come on, Tiffany in
Nebraska got much mask ♪ ♪ Debra in Alabama got much mask ♪ ♪ Miss Luke, Carolina got much mask ♪ ♪ Cameron, Pittsboro got much mask ♪ ♪ Whoo ♪ – Good job, babe, good job. – I'm outta breath.
– Take a breath. Take a breath. Thank you so much to the
teachers who sent in videos. We're still going through them. If we didn't get to it, I'm so, so sorry, but thank you from the
bottom of our hearts for all that you do. I applaud you. I mean, I bow down to you. Thank you. No bad decision there, by
the way. No bad decision. In class, virtual, no judgment. No judgment?
– Not judging. This is not a place where
we're judging people. – No.
– So I know what you're gonna try to do in the comments section. – Let's not judge.
– We're not doing that. – No.
– Not here. – Let's just keep every,
let's keep the teachers safe. With the mask. And not judge. – And not judge. Okay. – That's a thought. – No, honey, that's not gonna happen. It's 2020.
– You're right. – Okay, anyway-
– Everyone agrees with everything.