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Hospitals Ordered To Send Coronavirus Data To Washington, Not CDC | TODAY

it's a face-off as culvert 19 cases spike growing calls to keep your face covered face coverings are game changers it's going to be required in fact at least 24 states and countless cities and counties have orders in place requiring people to wear face coverings in public but what's right for you a mask or a face shield i would wear a face shield as the preferred face covering in public over a homemade mask over a surgical mask dr amish adalga is an infectious disease doctor at johns hopkins university help people understand why is a face shield effective not only does it cover your mouth and your nose it also covers your eyes and we know that the eyes are an important route of infection we know that people who wear masks are touching their face constantly to adjust them when you wear a face shield that really is not an issue these face shields are definitely a different look and feel than the mess for starters it's a lot easier to talk and to breathe while wearing them and i don't have to adjust it once i put it on plus i can actually even drink while wearing it and a bonus the facial recognition on my phone works but after wearing a mask for the past few months it is a strange sensation to have so much open space underneath my chin and around the side of my face when i wear a mask you can see it covers my nose my mouth and my chin without any big gaps the cdc recommends we wear face coverings like this because they capture our germs and prevent them from spreading to others so which one is better so far no studies have been done to compare the two when it comes to covid19 but a 2014 study looked at how well face shields blocked flu droplets researchers used a cough simulator and found that face shields reduced a person's exposure to large cough droplets by 96 percent but smaller droplets were able to flow around the shield and be inhaled the world health organization has now acknowledged coronavirus may linger in the air and could be responsible for outbreaks of coven 19 reported in restaurants nightclubs work and places of worship still dr adalja says he believes face shields are effective because of the way that droplets move in the air the face shield seems to have a lot of openings down by your mouth and chin area does that reduce their effectiveness you want to make sure that the face shield goes down to at least your chin and they were definitely going to be an opening there but i don't think that that you're seeing many people get infected where a droplet comes down and then goes back up most of those are going to fall to the ground with the action of gravity dr adalja says cloth masks prevent you from spreading the virus but he thinks face shields offer two-way protection however the cdc currently does not recommend using face shields for normal activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings and research shows masks prevent the spread of covid19 by containing germs back in june with help from a columbia university microbiologist we showed you how three different masks contain bacteria and droplets from my cough droplets that could carry coronavirus nothing grew on the petri dishes when i had my nose and mouth covered but look at what grew when i didn't whether it's a shield or a mask public health experts agree covering your nose and mouth will reduce the spread of covid19 now healthcare workers have worn face shields for years usually in addition to a mask because they have higher exposure to sick patients and hoda you have a facial that brought for you to chill i'll put one on too you'll feel the difference right away see yeah done set it and forget it you don't need to adjust it and it just stays on and it's very lightweight i have to admit after i saw your story can you still hear me yeah i ordered some online but um do you think people should rush out i like the idea of you're not touching your face because you can't you can't and you're not inclined to yeah so no you don't have to run out and order these the cdc says that mask is still the gold standard but if you have breathing issues talk to your doctor this could be a partial solution for when you're walking around outside if you're inside i would advise you should still wear a mask because of the indoor air circulation issues and let's say you're on a plane i'd wear both you have the eye protection you've got the mask it may seem like overkill but i don't want to get sick well it's kind of it's comfortable i wonder because some states have rules like you have to wear masks does this work if you say i've got this on am i good it depends on the state new york for example just said these are allowed to be worn in the place of a face mask but think about this a lot of businesses now have signs in the window saying mask required it's unclear if they think this is okay so i would always keep a mask with me and if you order this one and you showed me there's like a really thin thin layer of something you got to peel off and that is a pro tip i'm so glad you mentioned that yeah it's important to do all right vic thank you thank you you