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How Effective Against Coronavirus Are Face Shields Compared To Masks? | TODAY

obviously the more you test the more you're going to pick up so increase in testing is going to give you increases but there is no doubt that there are more infections and we know that because the percentage of cases of the the cases that are tested that are positive is increasing therefore unequivocally you're seeing truly more new cases in addition we're seeing now more hospitalizations which lag behind infections and we're starting and we'll see though not as much as we've seen very likely more deaths so clearly there are more infections that was dr anthony fauci's warning about the increase of coronavirus cases in the u.s during a discussion with georgetown university yesterday which was co-hosted by our next guest mo elethe he is the founding executive director of georgetown university's institute of politics and public service also with us columnist for the washington post karen timmelt and infectious disease doctor and senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security dr amish adeleja great to have you all on board this morning so mo i'll start with you um what what did you learn from dr fauci yesterday about where we stand and did he have any response to what appears to be an effort to discredit him by the white house you know it was great to have him and he seemed uh eager to talk with the students at georgetown and they were incredibly eager to hear from him i think there was a real hunger to hear more from dr fauci um i think there were a couple of key takeaways one um there were maybe at least three places where he um broke a little bit from the administration line one of the clip you just played on sort of how bad the pandemic is right now and the fact that it's not all attributed just to test two there was a real disagreement i think on um school reopening uh he didn't seem anxious to to call on every district to reopen immediately that it should be left up to each locality based on the situation there and then three there was a disagreement on the world health organization where uh he said there may be problems there but it's better to fix from within but i think my one of my biggest takeaways was that a question on trust you know there's a lot of bad information out there there's a lot of politicized information out there there's a lot of arguing um and so i asked him you know with all of that people are confused who should they trust and he kind of chuckled and they said i get why people are confused but trust the science trust the medical doctors and i think i'm one of them and i thought that was a really powerful moment karen timmelt in your latest piece for the washington post entitled trump and his minions are trying to destroy fauci no wonder the u.s is doing so poorly and you write in part this fauchi unlike trump is willing to recognize and admit his missteps trump who is allergic to admitting error has apparently decided that he doesn't want to listen to fauci's expert advice anymore if in fact he ever really did but as for the rest of us we should be learning and adjusting as faux does it could mean the difference between life and death and karen you know i just remember that coronavirus briefing where the president was talking about injecting bleach into the body it was one of the low points of what's been what many believe a very botched and dangerous response to the pandemic and yet dr fauci now is is the focus of this campaign to undermine him is your belief that this is just to assuage the president's ego well um certainly when you have something like fewer than one in three americans saying they can trust the president on this and 70 of americans saying they feel they can trust fauci yeah there's there's probably some poll number envy in here as there always is um but i i do think that you know dr fauci's experience and i've talked with him about this in the past his experience with the aids epidemic was it took a while to figure out what this was and and who was vulnerable and what behaviors could could stop it and in many cases as dr fauci was leading the fight to figure out aids and to find treatments for it government would interfere there would be big debates over whether this was a moral question or a health question and should we test everybody but that might drive people underground um so dr fauci knows that you don't know everything at the beginning of a situation such as this you learn and you adjust and you know it's ironic that what the white house is criticizing him for is underplaying the threat early on which is something that the president of the united states still does practically on the hour so dr adalja i want to ask you about this new story about the cdc being bypassed now with information sent directly to this new clearinghouse from hospitals and cutting out the cdc in some ways but let's pause quickly and just take a snapshot from your medical perspective about where we are we've seen these rising cases and hospitalizations in texas and arizona southern california now having to close the state of california having to roll back and it's reopening south florida is a place of great concern georgia south carolina where are we right now in this coronavirus crisis in many parts of the country we're not in a good place none of us expected in july we would still be facing some of the same problems we faced in march testing delays bed capacity issues worrying about personal protective equipment and it didn't have to be this way but it's clear that people continue to want to make the same mistake over and over again and not put in place the simple infrastructure of testing tracing isolating and maintaining hospital capacity that's been the whole story of this pandemic and it's something that most of us back in january thought the united states would get right because we were supposed to be the most prepared country for a pandemic but clearly there's not political will to be able to actually do the 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