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How Trump Is Planning on Winning the Election No Matter What | The Daily Social Distancing Show

on a normal election night the story is predictable the votes are counted cable news paints the states red or blue a winner is declared and a loser calls the fireworks company to see if they can get a refund but this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic more people than ever will be voting by mail and because those mail-in ballots will take days or even weeks to count it means that it might be a while until we know who actually won the election which according to the fbi means we better buckle up a new warning from the fbi just 41 days before election day the bureau says foreign actors and cyber criminals could exploit the time required to certify and announce election results by disseminating disinformation that includes reports of voter suppression cyber attacks targeting election infrastructure voter or ballot fraud and other problems intended to convince the public of the election's illegitimacy the announcement also alerts that quote the increased use of mail-in ballots due to covid19 protocols could leave officials with incomplete results on election night adding that foreign actors and cyber criminals could exploit the time required to certify and announce the election's results the bureau encourages voters to be patient with slow results it says americans should verify information through multiple reliable sources and think twice before sharing unverified material on social media really fbi that's your advice be patient and don't share unverified information on social media do you know us we're not going to do any of that [ __ ] the day after the election the most viral post on facebook will be that george soros paid jeffrey epstein's ghost to vote for joe biden but yes the fbi says that foreign enemies will try to spread disinformation to undermine the election while the votes are being counted though if they really want to mess with the vote counting i hope they don't do that thing of just shouting out random numbers that's going to throw america off i mean it gets me every time when i'm counting 61 million for biden 24 61 million and one for 143 30 74. oh gotta start again one for biden two for biden so yes there is a real threat that america's foreign adversaries will latch on to the fact that many votes won't come in until after election day and then what they'll try and do is use that to convince voters that the election results aren't valid but while the fbi is warning america about foreign adversaries spreading disinformation after the election there's already a pretty major domestic adversary who's been doing it for weeks i'm very worried about mail-in voting because i think it's subject to tremendous fraud and being rigged i want to see the results of the election on november 3rd and by the way if it's anything like these other events it could go on forever and they're allowed to count votes until seven days after the election are we going to wait a week after november 3rd if it comes down to nevada which it could very well i don't think so i don't think it's appropriate it's going to be the greatest fraud in the history of elections the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged remember that yes we don't need to wait for russia to undermine america's election because america's president is already doing it himself i guess he is bringing back foreign jobs to the us after all i mean if trump isn't working with russia on this then the russians must be really confused dimitri did you tell trump to say that me yet i thought maybe you told him why would he undermine his own democracy maybe he's just really strange guy and as for the idea that americans can't wait one week to find out who's going to be in charge of the country i'm sorry guys i don't agree with that at all america is used to waiting a long time to get results i mean we've been doing it for coronavirus tests for months now you know it's actually funny how when it comes to election results trump is like americans can't wait this long for important information but then when you ask about his tax returns it's like we can't rush this delicate process we gotta be accurate but it's been four years that's because it's hard to count to a jillion now here's the thing because this is 2020 and everything is a nightmare it turns out that trump doesn't even need to prove that mainland ballots are invalid in order for him to snatch the election away yeah all he needs to do is prolong the fight over it according to a terrifying new report in the atlantic the trump campaign is discussing plans to drag out the final vote count in swing states for 35 days and the reason they want to do that is because that's the point at which the states are constitutionally required to certify electors and that means if there's no decision by that time trump can just ask the state legislators to set aside the popular vote and choose the winner for themselves and since the legislators in most swing states are run by republicans guess who they're gonna pick so once again donald trump is the black light on america's democracy thanks to him everyone is now seeing how america's system relies on good faith in order to succeed it's basically the please only take one halloween candy of democracy yeah it works in theory but all you need is one [ __ ] five-year-old to come in now is trump going to get away with any of this well it's never been tried before so ultimately that's going to be up to the supreme court which is exactly what donald wants the president says he needs to move quickly to name her replacement so the full court can hear any cases that come up from the november election we need nine justices you need that with the unsolicited millions of ballots that they're sending it's a scam it's a hoax everybody knows that and the democrats know it better than anybody else so you're going to need nine justices up there it's a very serious problem and the democrats know what they're doing is wrong and all they want to do is go forward with it so i think you're going to need the nine justices the one thing i'll always appreciate about donald trump is that he doesn't try and make us work to figure out his evil plan you know because other world leaders are coy you never know what they're thinking because vladimir putin is like crimea i don't have any plan for crimea maybe crimea has planned for itself meanwhile trump is out on the streets like then i'm going to blow open the door and break open the safe then i'm going to wipe my prince off and i'm going to hide it on the floorboards in mar-a-lago and that's how i plan to steal all the halloween candy so look i'm not gonna sugarcoat it this is a dangerous situation that america finds itself in but there are two flaws in donald trump's plan one is that even the justices that he put on the supreme court could end up ruling against him and based on how many people trump's hired that end up hating him that could actually happen the second floor in trump's plan is that if people come out to vote against him in high enough numbers the results will be so clear and resounding that there will be no way he can challenge them and so basically what i'm saying is donald trump is trying to grab the election by the [ __ ] and america needs to pull a melania and slap that tiny hand away you