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Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris for Vice President | The Tonight Show

>> Ask yourself, do I look like a radical
socialist, with a soft spot for riders? Really? I want a safe America, safe from COVID, safe
from crime and loony, safe from racially motivated violence, safe from bad cops. Let me be crystal
clear, safe from four more years of Donald Trump. >> I mean, he's basically laying out what
Dan is saying specifically. And look, I wish he was a radical socialist, but he's clearly
not and that's why think while I point out the insanity of the democrats saying during
the primary that we can't have Bernie Sanders. Cuz then they'll call him a socialist when
we damn well knew that they were gonna call Pete Buttigieg a socialist if he was the candidate. I'll point that out because that annoys me
and it will in the future when they continue to do it. But I don't think a lot of people
who weren't already eager as hell to throw in the red hat and vote for Trump are actually
buying that Joe Biden is some sort of Maoist. It's just not Joe Biden, he's been around
for too long people have their opinion of him. If you wanna change the opinion of Joe
Biden, there are some ways that I think you could actually do that, some pressure points.
But him being a radical Marxist, I think that that is a bridge too far. And that's why I've criticized that strategy
from the Trump administration as seeming pretty desperate. I don't think that that's going
to work. >> Yeah, I me neither. And again, I've gotten
my anger out from the way this primary went down and I've accepted, especially through
the DNC, the way the democratic party wants to project itself, which is being as Sam Cedar
put it the Republican national committee of 2004. But even in a more broader sense, just like
a return to a normal where you don't have to look at CNN and freak out because the President
said something crazy. That's all he's going back to but the day afterwards, if we do all
this work to get Joe Biden elected, I'm going to be very forceful in saying my real opinion. Which is I don't care about any rioting or
any expression of frustration, because enough is enough. People were rioting because they
had enough when Rodney King happened. And that was literally three or four years before
I was born. And so, people have long had enough for my entire lifetime and then some. So I understand when people get angry, this
isn't me endorsing that necessarily, but I'm not going to rush and get upset at people
for destroying property when they literally feel like their lives don't matter.
>> Yeah, the only point where to play devil's advocate I sort of get the frustration about
the riots. Is that how could white America have ever
suspected that enslaving people for hundreds of years and then once they're finally freed,
instituting a nationwide set of laws that make it impossible to even live. Brutalizing
them, lynching them, setting up police specifically to stop them from living even a shadow version
of the American dream. And then once we finally get past a little
bit of the more explicit versions of that, insisting that racism never existed that slavery
was actually good. How could they have ever thought that that would lead to anything bad
happening? >> For all these people we'd like to say that
the republicans are really smart with business. But it didn't seem like they priced in the
cons or the potential downsides of the strategy they've decided to go forward with since the
Nixon days. >> They're like, pros, we're able to build
this borderline unbreakable hegemony of the rich white male and wealthy. Cons we might
start an uprising the likes of which America can only relate to maybe the French Revolution. How about them tax cuts?
>> That's what happened.