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Joe Biden Visits Kenosha As More Polls Show Trump Trailing In Key States | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

uh what would you say to the supporters of the q anon the people who believe in that conspiracy what they think is true about america that there's sex trafficking and conspiracy against the president trump and what would you say to president trump for not rejecting that conspiracy and the people who believe in it i've been a big supporter of mental health i'd recommend the people who believe it maybe should take advantage while it still exists in the affordable care act it's bizarre totally bizarre and now if you guys found that plain load of people in uniforms and weapons and flying around i mean you know have you found them yet is anybody even from by the way i respect conservative and liberal points of view in the press anybody found that plane what in god's name are we doing look at how it makes us look around the world it's mortified it's embarrassing and it's dangerous it's dangerous if the president doesn't know better which i he has to know better and my lord we're in much more trouble than i ever thought we were it's bizarre and you know this is a case where you know i i've been surprised pleased but surprised with folks i've had political arguments with like the former governor of michigan coming out and endorsed me all the republicans were endorsing me there were there was where i am that this can't go on this cannot go on it's a deconstruction of a democratic system they know it so i just um i'll conclude with what you heard me say many times before the words of a president matter even a lousy president it gives soccer it gives encouragement to people who are spouting irrational views that no one has even close to ever presuming or showing ever existed and it's done for a simple reason from the very beginning he's understood the only way he could win the first time and can win this time is he fundamentally divides the nation puts the nation that divides us or at each other's throats that's not who we are that's not who we are hey there i'm chris hayes from msnbc thanks for watching msnbc on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos