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Key Moments From Biden’s DNC Speech | 2020 Elections

there were many different ways to keep up with the democratic convention this week on the tv networks streaming online or if you're like me listening to it on spanish soccer radio barrack obama established but i also wanted to watch the dnc the way president trump does on fox news and based on how trump's fox friends reacted to joe biden's speech i suspect that he wasn't very happy last night joe biden just hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth he had pace rhythm energy emotion and delivery it was a good speech i'll give him that it was very emotional was the best he's been as far as his delivery and everyone was looking for him to flub up a line and he really didn't he delivered it well he's portraying himself as a unifier who would bring the country together he did so very i thought very effectively it seems to me that after tonight donald trump is going to have to run against a candidate not a caricature he did beat expectations donna yes after joe biden's speech last night most anchors on fox admitted that he did a good job and that's impressive because fox news never praises democrats if obama saved a bunch of kids from a burning orphanage their angle would be why are democrats taking our children's right to burn i mean did you see don jr's face he got so sad when laura ingram said that biden beat expectations look at him that's the same look he gave that russian lady in trump tower when she said she didn't have dirt on hillary but don't get it twisted just because fox praised biden doesn't mean that they've suddenly turned into msnbc i mean they still came with fire for biden's vp kamala harris's acceptance speech was about as some electric as the state of california right now i didn't think that was very rousing i thought there was a lot of democratic boilerplate i'm not sure she came across last night as somebody who's ready to step quickly into the president's shoes that's a blood on your hand speech really nasty and very personal i have to say i thought it was a pedestrian speech that was the most dull boring uninspiring acceptance speech i've ever heard whoa whoa whoa whoa the most boring acceptance speech i mean sure it wasn't training day okay but you guys are acting like you've never heard of mike pence the most boring speech do you remember mike pence's speech from the rnc do you remember what he said no exactly you know why because mike pence is the most boring thing mike pence is so bored he's like the human version of the soft padding that they put on the walls of music studios when he talks somehow the room gets more silent i mean i get why fox news thinks most speeches are going to be boring they spend all day watching a lunatic tell people to inject bleach pose with goya beans and call his porn star mistress or horseface at this point the moon landing will be too boring for fox news but the truth is since kamala got the nomination fox has been attacking her from every possible angle and to get a better sense of how fox news is trying to define kamala harris we asked our very own desi leidec to watch the network non-stop and explain it to us i've been watching fox news for 64 hours straight and i think i know everything about kamala harris so kamala harris is a radical communist senator from california she's going to turn the entire country into san francisco i hope you like couscous because it's going to be the only legal side dish they want you to think caramel harris is mainstream but the truth is she's a radical socialist vegemite hell dean she attended socialism university and majored in employees she will ban assault weapons from hospitals and make it legal for immigrants to play in the nfl you want to know something else about campbell sue paris she has never once clapped when the airplane lands in this country we stand and applaud for our jetblue pilot and guess what else calamari harrison supports the green new deal you have a car well guess what you're going to be forced to put one of those coexist stickers on there you're not fooling anybody alexandria okamala cortez she just seems so angry i mean what the hell is she so angry about i hate angry women why has she still not released obama's college transcripts what is her skincare routine what does she think about the minion how can we trust candelabra harris she's a cop who wants to defund the police meaning she would stop existing because she eats money to survive she is half indian and half jamaican so say goodbye to drinking beer at a football game and say hello to sipping a mango lassi at a bobsled competition actually it sounds really good forget i said anything