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Modibodi Leakproof Swimwear Unboxing

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
today channel hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm super excited
because I'm gonna be showing you guys some of the modest bathing suits I
picked up for my spring vacay in Florida also just to mention I've been loving
this like Lacroix mixture I've been doing it's not simply raspberry lemonade
with the Lacroix like lime flavor you can really get any Lacroix you want
because they don't really don't have that much flavor but I just like the
bubbly effect that it gives the raspberry lemonade it's so good and I
don't feel that bad drinking it because you're still drinking like juice from
the raspberry lemonade but the Lacroix like is kind of like water so you're
kind of like watering it down if that makes sense it's it's healthy for you
right so hopefully we're all gonna have our own opinions about what is modest
and what is not but these are just some of the bathing suits that I think are
modest and I'll tell you the reasons why so I got one bathing suit from Marshalls
and the other are from the drumroll please
target yes you're right target so I'll have everything weak down below the
reason I love target is because if you guys watch this video like recently then
you guys pretty much have like the ability to pick everything up so I'll
have all the links in the description box below so the first swimsuit I picked
up is this blue and white striped suit from Marshalls it was 1999
I love the blue and white stripes I just think it looks super summery and fresh
and classic and then I love the back because it has this little crisscross
back right there I haven't tried this on yet so I hope the booty like does it cut
up too much so you see like the cheeks I'm not into that but I love this
swimsuit so so much so you guys should go check it out they had a lot of them
at Marshall's and then the next bathing suit is a
one-piece from Target I love this striped bathing suit so so much I think
the colors will look perfect with a tan and then I love the little cutout that
it has at the top it's not very low at all so it won't show any cleavage and
then I love the crew cross-back it's gonna be kind of hard to
show on camera but I think it's so cute this bathing suit was 29.99 the next
suit from Target is this blue crocheted top and I'll show you the bottoms in
just a second but I think this is so pretty it's a high neck so you get a lot
of coverage and then the back also has little crisscross details right there
and this is just seems like a really high-quality bathing suit it doesn't
feel cheap or like that the material is gonna rip or anything at all sometimes
with the crocheted bathing suits they can just feel like they're not supposed
to be getting wet I guess but this is like a very tight knit and it feels
really quality so this bathing suit top was 20 to 99 and then for the bottoms
this these were $17.99 then they also have the matching little Criss crosses
on this side and a pretty full coverage bottom another two peeps from Target is
this striped top I love all the colors it kind of reminds me of the one piece I
showed you guys this is really good for like bigger chested women it covers the
girls pretty good and it also supports them as well and I just think this is a
great option for girls with bigger boobs because there is coverage but you still
feel supported and you also have straps that you can put on as well this top was
$27.99 and it comes in bra sizes too just like what you would get at like
Victoria's Secret or something and then the bottoms are so cute this is what
they look like and they have the Criss crosses down the sides right here and
they're high-waisted I have never tried a high waisted bathing suit so I'm super
excited to try this out the bottoms were 2299 so not a super cheap bathing suit
but it feels very quality and then for the last bikini it's just a black
classic bathing suit I think this is so cute it has little ties at the top just
little bows and it almost reminds me of like something like The Breakfast at
Tiffany's Earlwood where I should know her name but I don't right now she's so
cute and I love how it does provide some more coverage it doesn't have like a low
fee or anything and for the bottoms are just
black high-waisted bikini bottoms what I love about target is you can mix and
match any of their tops and bottoms they have a ton of black bottoms that can
look really good with any of the tops that you choose so I just chose these
high-waisted black bottoms with like almost like a crocheted design right
there and then they have pretty full coverage in the booty area so I just
love this bikini so much and if I had to choose my favorite bathing suit it would
probably be this one piece right here I think it's so cute and I love the colors
and I love the cutout in the back I just think it's perfect for spring so I'll
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so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye