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NATURIST WITH STYLE – Naturista com Estilo

Hello everyone, everything good? I'm Iara Steffens and the subject of today's video is … Fashion in Naturism Who knows me and follows the channel, knows that I am a true naturist and passionate about the world of fashion I know it sounds like a contradiction, but naturists are normal people of society, who chose to walk naked and follow the naturist philosophy. As in every society there are people more and less vain and more and less people involved with the fashion world Vanity and the connection with fashion comes from the beginnings of humanity and is interconnected with humans. In indigenous tribes, for example body paints and accessories have always been tradition, embellishing their bodies and leaving their much more stylish tribes. In the Xingu tribe, women use face paint, colorful necklaces and moorings on your hips and knees gracing their bodies. Like the natives, we naturists, we live naked, all the time but unlike them we walk with different accessories to demonstrate our personality. Our style is nothing more that the way we transmit to others in code our personality, it's like speaking in codes "That's how I am, respect me!" So, did you like the video? Thank"s for watching! I hope you enjoyed, that the information contained in this video is useful If you subscribe to my channel, and Instagram too! A super kiss and see you soon!