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Nudist Hot Springs – Lake Toba, Indonesia. 🇮🇩

Okay, so the adventure continue. About 45 minutes from here. Hello. About 45 minutes from here, down this road, there's some hot springs, apparently, where the water might be actually a wee bit warmer than that bloody freezing cold waterfall back there. So let's go for a wee scoot and check it out, while enjoying the view, of course. So apparently these hot spring that I'm planning on going to, there's loads of them and you can use the hot spring water for free, as long as you just buy something to eat or drink at their restaurant, so I haven't had a proper meal today, so might as well kill two birds with one stone Hello. How are you? Tiny little kid driving a scooter. You drive? Wow! He must be like 6 or something. 7 at most. What was I saying? Oh, aye. Might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a meal and a dip in the hot springs. Oh. This bloody road is awful, isn't it? Look at this! Ah. Hahaha. Crossing streams and everything. Avoiding chickens. Avoiding on-coming traffic, while navigating my way through the bloody pot holes. Trying to stay at the side here. I'm on the wrong side of the road. Left hand side in this country. Oh, there we go. Let's get there safely, shall we. Shall we indeed. Bloody hell. Hey!
Hello. Hi. What is your name?
My name is Dale. What is your name? My name is Davina. Nice to meet you. Bye bye. Okay, well I'm starting to smell kinda sulfur, rotten egg, kinda smell, faintly, so I guess I'm getting closer to these hot springs then. Can't be that far away. Oh here. Look, in brackets here. Hot Spring. Oh and I can smell it. That is like rotten eggs.. Stinking. Okay so I think, all these places have their own hot springs. But it's about finding a good one. I can't really see inside, so I'm gonna drive for a bit. Like this "family hot spring." They'll have like a wee hot spring down there. It'll just be like a wee hole in the ground. In fact, does that look like westerners? I might ask them where's a good one? Hey. It's good, this one? So, so? I'm trying to find a good one. I don't which one is good. We have seen only one swimming pool.
Yeah, just this one. And it's so-so, you think? It's not a natural one. It's more a swimming pool with the water. Really? Oh, so they've built it out rather than. I'm looking for the cool, natural one. Yeah, maybe you wanna go up a little bit further. Yeah.
Yeah. They say there's the source over there, the natural one but you can't swim. You can't swim? Ah, okay. And this is one that's like a swimming pool for swimming? This is actually a pool, yeah. And then there's one up there that's like natural? Okay, I'd prefer the natural one, but. Yeah, maybe you wanna ask around a little bit. Yeah, okay. I'll go up and have a look. Okay, nice to meet you. Bye. Well, first westerners I've seen today. Oh look. This looks like natural, doesn't it? Further up here. How do I choose a good one? Right, I'll just drive up the road a bit I guess. See what we've got. "Welcome to Hot Spring." 300, is it? 150 meters up those steps. Okay, I'm gonna park the bike I guess and have a wee walk around this area. I guess here's a decent place to park as any. Okay. It's good in there? Yes.
Good? Ah, okay. I'll respect your opinion and go have a wee look. Right, well if these ones are leaving, it looks like nobody else parked here. I might get this hot spring all to myself. Hopefully it's good. Okay. So, the only person here and I see. Oh, I think this might be it there. It's just, it is natural. It's kinda like within the rocks and stuff. Maybe that's the place. It doesn't look very deep though. Not even deep enough to sit in. Maybe I'll ask, in there. Maybe they have another bit through the back. Let's find out. Oh there's that Badak. Horrible, horrible drink, so it is. Oh aye, "swimming" they've got written there. Ah, hello. Hello.
Can I look? Yeah.
Okay, thank you. Okay, something about 10,000 rupiahs per orange. Oh aye, look at this. It's just like wee, wee pools there, that you could maybe sit in, but I dunno, if there is anything deeper than that. Something up there. Dunno what. "Wanita." Maybe it's another business. Oh, look at this! It's just not very deep is it? Aye. Dunno if I wanna go in there or not. See what's up here then. That might be another bit. Oh look, they've got an actual swimming pool that they've made, with the hot spring water. That's nice! And I'm gonna have this all to myself! Wow! This is good innit? In fact, I might even just skip that. I might just use this. Let me test how hot the water is. Oh, it's boiling. Hahahaha. That water, oh. Oh, that feels good. I'm gonna speak to the lady about how much I pay, or whatever. They told that me if you eat or drink at the restaurant usually it's free but that did have a sign up saying "10,000 per orange" and an orange is a person in Indonesia, so, let's see. Hello, hello. I have to pay to use the hot spring or if I buy food it's free? Ah, you must take something drink or eating. You must buy. I must buy. Ah, okay. Maybe I will swim first and then buy. Up to you.
Up to me, yeah? Okay, good. What do you have to eat here? You have Nasi Goreng? Yes I have.
Ah, what else you have? You have a menu? Oh yeah, there's a menu here. Let me see. Because I did not have a proper meal today, so maybe I will eat, oh this for drinks? Oh no. Tacos. You make tacos here? Yeah. But.
Ah. But? It's not the same with your country. Not the same like Mexican taco? Oh, okay. What else? Just eggs, soup, rice. I guess Nasi Goreng is the one to go for. Twenty two. Okay, I will go for a swim first and then come back and eat. Okay.
But I will eat the nasi, Nasi Goreng. Yeah, maybe in about 15 minutes or something. Ah, is there somewhere I can get changed? Um.
Or nobody's there anyway. Yeah, I can. You can change in the toilets. Up to you.
Ah. I can swim naked right, because there's nobody there? Yeah, nobody there.
Okay, I'll swim naked. Up to you.
Okay, great. Yer man's gonna go for a naked swim, in this, eh, where was it? Was it up here? Oh brilliant. Aye, a nice naked swim until somebody comes and then how do I get out the pool? Butt naked. She did give me permission though, didn't she? Right, I'll walk over there and put my stuff down. Oh, that water. It's just like, it's almost too hot but it's lovely. Right. Look at it. Ah, it's a dirty innit, here but never mind. Over there nice and clean. I think just some of the debris, the dirt, is like floating over to this bit. Right, I'll get changed in here. In fact I'm not getting changed. I'm just stripping down. Okay, oh, this is lovely. Oh, see how deep this is. Oh. Oh this is nice. Ho ho ho ho. Yeah. This is lovely. Oh, this is like the warmest bath. Just the, it doesn't even smell so strong like the sulfur. And I can just feel all the minerals and stuff, doing me good. Oh aye. Let's go for a wee swim. Oh. Yes. Oh. Oh yes. This is good. This is so good. Ah. For the price of a Nasi Goreng. Enjoying this, all to myself. Lovely. So this, it's like a hot bath that you might spend an hour in, or something. You know. You run a hot bath and it's just too comfortable, you don't wanna get out so you keep running more hot water as it gets cold. And that is boiling. Just refreshing this. Yer man loves it. I would have been up here every day. This is my last day here. I would have been up here every day if I knew about this place. Just coming here for my Nasi Goreng and a wee naked swim and dip, in this lovely, full of minerals, hot spring water. Fantastic. This is good. This would be good for some of the backpackers who are staying in those €4 a night accommodation places. The guesthouses down in Samosir, where they don't have any hot shower or anything. Just come up here for your lunch, get a hot bath, do a wee bit of swimming but hopefully not while I'm here, in the nude. Ohhhh. And how much is a Nasi Goreng here? Like 22,000? That's like £1.30 or something. So for £1.30 you're getting a meal and swimming in this, hahaha. Amazing value. Amazing. Ah, well that was certainly the highlight of today. I've been trying to get this sun cream on but I'm too sweaty. It's not absorbing. See if my bike's still there. Aye. Just down there and no other customers, so I enjoyed probably 25 minutes naked swimming alone. Gonna go get changed and eat that Nasi Goreng. Oh, got no energy left. It's zapped me. All the aches and pains gone from my body. Lovely. Aye. Right, well let's go finish off this delightful experience with some hopefully delightful, Nasi Goreng. Hello, hello. Yeah?
Yeah. Oh hi! Okay, so I want to order the Nasi Goreng. And something to drink. What do you have for drinking? Hi, hello. Oh, there's a fridge. Oh, here's the fridge. It's cold? Eh, no.
Not cold? Ah. A little bit cold? You get power cut? Oh, everything off? Blackout.
Blackout? For the whole area? Yeah, since the morning. Since the morning? Oh, wow. It is still a little bit cold. Ah, what is good? Okay. What is this? Yeah it's good.
Rhino? It's good? Good, good for here. Good for this? It's tea or it's something else? It's not tea?
This one, water. Water? But there is something, a flavour.
Like herbs? Flavour? It's like Badak or no? Badak?
Like Badak, no? No.
Cause I don't like Badak. This strawberry. Strawberry? Rasa strawberry? Okay, strawberry sounds nice. Okay, I'll have one of these and the Nasi Goreng. You want ice? Ice? No. This is actually cold. Feel. It's cold.
Oh, cold, okay. Yeah, you've got a good fridge. Okay. [sigh] Let's give this a try. Larutan Penyegar. Ah, it's just like strawberry water but not carbonated. It's nice. Nice and refreshing. Wonder how much sugar is that. Doesn't taste too sweet. Now eating. Think it says. Oh, thank you very much. This my Nasi Goreng? Lovely. Ah. Says this is a traditional medicine so there's some bloody chemicals in there and stuff but, aye, it's nice. Oh, wow. I want to do my Mark Wiens face, almost, there. Like this. Mmmmm. Hahaha. Lovely. Ah, well yer man cleared the plate there. Not a single strand of rice left. I've just been looking at this. It says on it it's for the preparation of traditional medicine for reducing heatness such as sore throat, gingivitis and refreshes the body and it's got a half to one can, three times daily. Well, I might get a couple more cans today then. Might I? Mmm. Okay, thank you very much for your lovely swimming pool and lovely Nasi Goreng. And lovely strawberry drink. How much?
Ah, 35. 35,000 okay. This your YouTube channel?
Yes, YouTube. YouTube.
Yep. You want to subscribe? Maybe.
Subscribe, subscribe. What is your?
You want me to write down? Oh, you have. Okay. I will put your swimming pool on my YouTube channel and it will be famous. I'm sure. This video going to get, maybe 200,000 views I think. Let's aim for 200,000. Maybe you can write down.
You want me to write my name? Okay, you can search. I'll subscribe.
Oh, you will subscribe? Okay, so if you search YouTube for Dale Philip, that's my name. You can watch me swimming in your. In YouTube?
In YouTube, yes. Search in YouTube. Okay, I will do it.
Yes. Okay. Do you have change?
Yeah. Oh look, they've actually got accommodation there as well. You could live there and just be dipping in that pool, in and out all day. Couldn't you? Hah. Dunno the name of this place though. I guess, maybe that's it there. In case anybody's watching this and wants to come up to the nudist swimming pool. I guess that's the name there. It might say something completely different. I dunno. In fact, aye. Just look for that. Just look for it. You'll find it. If you drive up this road there's nowhere else to go. The chickens will tell you where it is. [sigh] Okay. Cockadoodledoo. Let's get out of here and drive back home. Maybe this will be the end of the video or maybe I'll find something else interesting on the way back. It's like 4:30 pm. Might take me an hour and a half to get back. Maybe I do have time to stop off somewhere for half an hour. If I find somewhere cool looking I'll do that, for you guys. Just for the content mate. Just for the content. Let's do this. Oh, this again. Why are these trucks every day watering the road? Why? Why? What purpose does this serve? I do not know. It's kind of annoying. Especially when you end up getting splashed. Can I get passed you mate? What are you doing driving so slow? Okay, back on Samosir island, we are. Come on ya roaster. What are you doing? Well. This truck seems to be dumping a lot of much there, so gonna have to occupy myself. That's where I came from. That was the hot springs up there. Eh, dunno if I'm getting passed here, so I'll just admire the view. It's always something to do, isn't it, here? Admire the view. Aye. Well now that has created the busiest traffic I've seen so far on the island. Thank to that one bloody yellow truck. And now I'm stuck in this mess, for a while. Jesus. Come on. And what is this? Ah. Looks like an old abandoned church. Maybe yer man will get off the scooter and go have a wee look. Let's see. Huh. Front door smashed in. Does look quite small. Ah, right. So let's go have a wee look in this church. What does it say on the front? JKPI Something. I dunno. Front door's open anyway. That means your not trespassing, if they've left the front door open. In fact they don't even have a front door, do they? They have half of one. Right, so, huh. Looks kinda wee, doesn't it? I guess that's where the alter would have been. And probably not a fancy church because no stained glass windows. Just ordinary windows. What's left of them, anyway. Anybody scared of this? hahaha Yer man not superstitious at all, so not scared of ghosts or anything. Something's been living in here but thankfully no bats or, bloody, anything that can bite me or sting me. Right, let's have a look out here. Well I guess, argh. I guess this village. Here, this is probably the church for this little, wow. Oh, hahaha, something touched me. Like I said, yer man's not superstitious. He knew it was something ordinary that hit him. Right, over there, there's a Batak house right over there and just ordinary huts. I guess this church would have been for those. Aye. So. In fact this is the alter here, isn't it? That's where the priest would have stood upon. What does this say? "Dame na…." Looks like something written in maybe Latin or something, I dunno. Maybe that was. I dunno what that is. But aye, this is where your man would have came and did all his praying and preaching and all that. And maybe you would have had room for, what? 30-40 people? At most. And it's just. The whole thing's just built on these wooden planks. Which I guess, that's how they build their houses. They build them on stilts and then it's like wooden planks. Aye, just basically these houses are just basically built the same as the Batak houses but without the fancy roofs. So, there you go. And what's this in the corner? Looks like building material. Maybe they're gonna renovate this. Aye, look, it's all tiles and stuff. Loads of them. So maybe they are actually gonna do this up. Renovate it. Don't see why not. Aye. Okay, well, that was interesting. Wasn't it? A wee abandoned church to end today's adventures. And I reckon that will be the video guys. I reckon that will be me. Daredevil there. I reckon that will be me for this video. Fun, wasn't it? See you next time.