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Nudist resort threatened by new neighbors next door

nestled in the trees off of 59 North in Porter it's just like any other neighborhood around we just ER – the clothing about 40 nudists live in RVs at Emerald Lake Resort full-time throughout the year they attract dozens of visitors from across North America and although it may seem like privacy is not something they're concerned with baring it all it's actually what's so attractive about the grounds we try to mainly stay to ourselves we try to live a peaceful quiet life built in the 80s who could have imagined a 180 mile loop around Houston would be built about two miles from the once secluded community everything is starting to basically explode in this area now that's surrounding land is prime real estate so trees are coming down to make way for new development and it's happening right next door to Emerald Lake literally there was like two or three trees sparse through there and now it's actually starting to grow back up again this is what the land used to look like thick with trees but it was recently cleared and this is what it looks like now leaving a direct view into the resort Jonathan Laverne says some of the nudists voiced concerns when the trees started coming down they don't want everybody in the city or in the country to know who they are or where they come as for what will fill that space an investor in the almost 40 acre plot tells us they don't know yet they're exploring opportunities but say they want to be mindful of their neighbors the growth isn't like exploding overnight it's a gradual growth so we're actually we're learning the growth and we're making the changes we're need be Laverne says it's uncertain what this could mean for emerald lake their leadership is meeting to discuss how they'll adapt but until they know the scope of the development they don't know how they'll be affected in Porter mica Hatfield's ABC 13 Eyewitness News [Music]