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Oh Polly Bikini Try On Haul + Review

hi everyone I'm Mia I'm gonna do an Oh Polly bikini try on haul today. Oh Polly sent me a few bikinis they're really really
tiny really cheeky that's usually what all my bikinis look like so I'm very
excited to do this video and these are all the bikinis and I have two vinyl
ones that I'll show you so here is the blue one really tiny this is the back
you might have thought it was the front but no it's the back here is the top
with it it's a nice little tube top really cute love the color love the
vinyl here's the other vinyl bikini these are my favorite kinds of bottoms
because you can move them and decide if you want fuller coverage or make them
even smaller than they already are here's the top that goes with that one
it is also very tiny this is their micro bikini so it's meant to be extra small
and yeah this pink one is similar to the green one I just showed you also their
micro bikini but it's in this different fabric that's ribbed and really stretchy
which I love and here are the bottoms same as the
green but again different fabric this white one is my favorite that they
sent me I actually already posted a photo in it on Instagram because I loved
it so much I can get it too there we go so here's the top really cute gold
chains there's a little gold in the front fits really really well and
hearing the bottoms that go with it again the cool chains on the side really
cute and then here's the last one this one's actually a one-piece and it's
similar to the white one it's kind of hard to show what it looks like without
trying it on because it has this part that comes and wraps around the front so
I'll show you what it looks like on so you can get a better picture of it and
they all fit really really good I'm a size extra small I probably could have
been a sigh as small as well I just like my bikinis to be extra tiny so yeah okay
so this is the green final one this is from their newest launch if it's really
really good again top is super tiny I usually do
like a little underboob but this one since it's vinyl it's kind of hard to
place and the bottoms you can move them smaller or wider they fit really really
good yeah I love this I always buy these types of bottoms I think they're the
most flattering on me and a lot of other people too people are usually scared
because they slide around too much but they really don't so this one here is the Pinklon same style as the
green that I just had on looks very cute again very very tiny I love this one I
love us more than the green just because the fabric it's like a nice ribbed
stretchy fabric so I can place it however I wanted to and it won't really
move around because I tie it super tight the green one you can't really place it
like that because it's not stretchy but love this you can wear higher lower
if ever you like I like mine a little bit higher but yeah really cute it's
kind of hard to choose which is my favorite because they all fit really
really well okay so this is another final one different style than the other
two I love these bottoms they like suck me in and make my hips look bigger and
my waist smaller so I absolutely love this kind of fit the top is a little
small I probably should have gotten the next size up so this is an extra small
but it's just like feels a little tight this small probably would have looked a
little better because I'm like a little sandwiched in here and but the bottom is
been amazing again extra small on both top and bottom I love this
adjustable there's this is earning about so some people might not like that but
it's fine with me another bikini I love this one I love
white bikinis I have like way too many bikinis that are white probably should
steer away from buying them but I think they come let my skin tone the most and
the bottoms are really really cute really cheeky love the gold chains on
the bottoms in the top then there's this little gold detail in the top as well
the chains make me a little nervous because they feel like they could turn
in color for being in the water I haven't been in the water with it yet or
they could break but so far and good and it looks really cute kind of like grape
gotta see vibes I'm into it so here is the last a ting suit I am trying on
again extra small this one's pretty similar to the white because it has off
the chain detailing I love this fit it complements my hips on my waist which is
my favorite thing fits really good really fell in the back I actually have
this in another color that I purchased myself in blue but it doesn't have the
chain so it's just like a tie around blue string instead and it's my favorite
bathing suit I own just because it looks really really good the one thing that I
noticed about this was when I was putting it on over my head this actually
bursted so I don't know if I should have a bigger size or what but it was easily
fixable you can see like they're kind of coming out of those holes and I just put
it right back in so it wasn't a problem but makes me a little nervous if I wore
it in public sudden movement it could completely open
and I do not want that so but other than that fit as amazing looks really cute
love the black and gold together I would definitely buy this on my own if they
didn't set it so this is the end of my haul thank you for watching I hope you
have enjoyed it and got some good info out of it before I leave I want to tell
you guys that this is not a sponsored video Oh Polly didn't pay me they did
send me these bikinis for Instagram content but no YouTube no video no
review anything like that so everything I said was my honest opinion I love this
brand their swimwear is super affordable and the fit is amazing and I own a bunch
of pieces that I purchased on my own so I'm truly live Oh Polly and also this is
my first video so thank you for bearing with me I know it wasn't perfect but
hope you come back thanks