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Our Favorite Beach!

a virus Florida Florida Florida known for its sunshine old folks and those Florida man stories you know Florida is one of several states trying to open its economy and for coastal cities that means their lifeblood the beaches but I've been living with my Florida parents and I couldn't imagine going out to the beach right now it felt too soon but when my co-workers heard the beaches were reopening there was some disagreement I lived in Florida for four years they 100 with infinite that people will be there crowded at slipping in that part its Tampa area healing the party here going out I will put all my money on it it's also gonna be a Monday Monday Monday is our beach days every day is the beach day just over there I did look up the weather it looks nice it's not if you cry I have faith in Floridians I got up at the crack of dawn and bike to the grand reopening of the beach expecting to see crowds of people here to come back but I'm really tired and no one's here but these goddamn Fiegel and they definitely want social distancing I thought I saw a sheriff patrolling the Turtle cops honestly this isn't what I expected and I'm really impressed with the Floridians here for not being here I guess well when I got back my mom wasn't convinced there's my mom I just got that thanks for opening would you be surprised to hear that there was like nobody at the beach well not really cuz it's like 7 a.m. right go back in a couple hours I bet it will be Terry okay I'll go back in a couple hours but I think people will still be pretty good I hope you there be thongs that people just then I hope people will be staying apart for each other well say we would see but first I had to interview someone official luckily my mom had some surprising connections mom can you say what you just said again you know the former mayor lives right down the street I did not know that do you think she would love me interviewer she's a really nice person I do okay since I'm not really allowed to interview anyone in the traditional method I'm gonna try this or see if I can turn it into something I rigged up a paddle Mike will you look at that pretty cool test it on the dog you don't bite it don't fight it okay so I'm bringing my mom to be my assistant camera up and we are going to interview the former mayor of st. Pete to see what she thinks about the beaches she said going through the back gate feels like we're doing something illegal again unfortunately the Romeo and Juliet set up lift it up higher didn't really work we're gonna have to do the phone call so I interviewed her via cell phone in Florida 1985 and I confirm a 50-seat Florida so it claims decision so the local government had to make in the responsibilities of surely publishing their car keys where ma'am so this the governor opens the beaches ahead right now that we're gonna do that do you feel like they waited long enough to reopen the beaches I'm not sure only because I don't want people to think that the pandemic still ongoing we really need turns out that turns out people fell I like everybody else must be cautious about get out of there I hope thank you after talking to Deb I realized I had to go back to the beach to see what was really going on so my mom and I left to scope it out in two hours later it was shocking to me this is the time of year when the weekends are busy but the weekdays are usually a bit common these are obviously rushing to the beaches do you think people are calling the six feet roller you it does not look like it for me this looks like it too you know yeah he gave me the walk through it that's about six feet I wanted to see if people were staying six feet away so I brought my six foot paddle but it honestly seemed too busy for that really it felt like a normal day and that's what made me nervous I do worry that people coming here with the beaches will make make people more relaxed about their safety in all areas of life not just coming to the beach like that they won't be taking quite as big precautions as they should be at the grocery stores and things like that hope that we don't see what happens during spring week I hope people really wear masks and stay six feet apart so after I got back I called dr. mark I'm CEO of disaster doc and a former CDC disaster scientist I was the incident manager there for anthrax and as well as the Indian Ocean tsunami so Florida beaches are reopening are you concerned yes I think that many people are concerned actually do you think it's too soon yeah absolutely and what our best science is telling us is that it is indeed too soon to reopen especially when we're talking about the beaches in Florida cases are increasing they're not decreasing as they should be and that's really our defining criteria for reopening is the symptoms the cases and the status of the hospitals so those are the three different things that we look for and that needs to show a 14 day decrease it tells us what we need to do in order to cross these gates and each phase has a gate so here we are studying in the first phase and we need to earn our way to the next that next gate okay so you're saying Florida just kind of jumped over the gates instead of opening the gate that's it yeah you know I mean they must be in good shape to jump the gate right that doesn't make sense to me because Florida it has a much older population on average that's a good point perhaps there are ways that the beach is maybe safe but it's very problematic and difficult to do so when you go from absolutely close to absolutely open mike tyson said everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face and you science has a familiar similar way of waking us up with a punch in the face at the fellow Floridian to help them can I do have to punch them in the face to get them to know or is there another way I can help write the word out right I bet you know I'm not as successful as Mike was with punching people in the face I think the information is actually the great information right I tried to symbolically punch my fellow Floridians in the face with facts I voted out toward the beaches and attempted to inform the public what I learned continue to wear your masks coronavirus can still read outside nobody seemed to be listening that or my font it was too small is the issue of reopening beaches could potentially cause a spike in these corona cases it's just difficult to maintain and control a social distancing of six feet and our breaths actually carry a cloud of this virus and when two people stand within six feet of each other actually that cloud collects between the two and we share that cloud in our inhale when we pass by people that may pass us on the beach their cloud actually passes through our cloud and we can breathe in those things as well requiring people to stay apart from each other and enforcing that could help people to reopen the beach and maintain it safely but once again I'm not the expert on enforcing that on a bun 35 mile beach right my mom texted me in the middle of the interview to tell me the police had actually shut down the beach to everyone but locals because it had reached over a hundred percent capacity down a pastor grill the City Commission decided to open 700 of the 1,000 parking spots that they have down there that means 300 are closed it quickly reached capacity and we had to shut off pastor grill this morning to only residents down there showing just how difficult it is to keep beach goers from going to the beach and that certainly freaked me out so if you really want to go to the beach I mean what can you do you should social distance not the kind of sneaky maybe it's six feet maybe it's not scientists have done studies where these viruses that we travel in the air 23 this 27 feet has been the has been that God distances please always wear a mask but you think people on the beach should be wearing masks I do I do I think so absolutely how are they gonna avoid the tan line yeah exactly is there any concern about spreading coronavirus when you're in the water I I have no no no that's good to know so if you must go to the beach don't sit still because the longer that you spend with other people you will shit have more likelihood of sharing your breath beaches tend to pack people into smaller areas and that's how we catch the virus well thank you very much my pleasure honestly I probably won't be going back to the beach and lounging around anytime soon but I did want to try to enjoy the beach in the safest way possible so I waited until the end of the day and I follow dr. Klein's instructions we're a mess say six feet preferably more away and if you must go keep moving I know the waters safe over 90 is he going away anytime soon you don't ignore that fear use it let it make you smarter get the hell out of here okay I don't to get coronavirus [Applause] [Music] [Applause]