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Paris: Naked in a park, Parisian nudists enjoy a hot day in the sun

These images to mark the inaugural
Parisian day of naturism! A few hundred nudists gathering for a naked day in the sun at the bois de vincennes park east of Paris. The day beginning with a yoga
lesson, and continuing into the afternoon with the picnic and just a snooze as
well on the grass. An all designated nudist area I have to say in the park. Nudists have long demanded in fact to have their own green spot in the
French capital. They were granted one just last year, with it open from mid-april to mid-october. "The good thing about nudism is that whether you're 18
or 70 years old, we're all on equal footing. The only thing that changes is
the experience, the notion of being more at ease with the body and being a nudist for me in any case allows me to be comfortable with my body and to think that we're all made the same."