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Parties At Reopened Colleges Increase Fears Of Coronavirus Outbreaks | NBC Nightly News

this morning a breakthrough development in the fight against covid19 the food and drug administration granting emergency use authorization for saliva direct a saliva-based covid test developed by researchers at yale this is one of the most significant advances in the six months we've been living with coronavirus the new test is far less invasive than the widely used nasal swabs and it can actually be self-administered subjects only need to spit into a tube and thanks to a simplified testing method the turnaround time is cut from a week to less than 24 hours something top doctors say is critical to stopping the spread if the testing is done to really determine if you are infected and would you be infecting somebody else that's an unreasonable amount of time to wait but perhaps the biggest game changer the price one test could cost as little as ten dollars making it more affordable to test more people more frequently we envision saliva direct to be a screening tool for large return to programs so whether that's return to work return to school the nba which gave around half a million dollars to fund the development of saliva direct allowed the product to be tested on some players coaches and staff before they reported to the bubble in disney world they found the accuracy of the saliva direct results matched almost perfectly with proven testing methods researchers behind the test hope to scale it across the country and around the world within weeks a similar test developed at rutgers is already being used by major league baseball players and staff are tested every other day it takes three minutes to complete the process so it is no big deal 30 thousand saliva samples are taken into this rutgers lab for analysis every day roughly 600 our major league staff and players lab chief andrew brooks breaks down the results with us does anyone have covert 19. so right here is a patient sample that you can see all three genes light up in addition to the control gene this person's positive for cobit so of all the thousands of samples that you guys get in here a sample is a sample is a sample that could be a major league player or that could be a grandma in indiana exactly right so back to that yeah that new test that we were talking about yale school of public health says it isn't really a product it's a process and it is sharing that process for free with labs that already have the technology across the country and that could have a really big impact on accessibility you