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Philadelphia School District Releases Reopening Plan, Includes Hybrid Instruction

Remember your very first crush, sweaty
palms and Oh facing heart were a regular occurrence,
especially when sitting next to them! Hmm do you like me? Kevin has a crush on me?My
goodness! kevin is my one true love I'm going to
answer this letter right away to let Kevin know I heart him I can't wait to
tell my mom please be yes please be yes ah isn't young love simply the cutest if
only talking to your crush stayed this carefree and easy then there is high school you guys thank
you could come up for air anytime soon teenagers and their hormones am i right
child you every single day your mom is sweet enough to make your lunch and when
twelve o'clock rolls around opening up your food is like enjoying a little
piece of home what did my mommy pack for me to date looks like my favorite turkey
and cheese but wait there's more my favorite banana smoothie in it that's
the orange for dessert best Ella looks like great moms think alike right high
school you oh look mom that's my lunch again D do so what will Bella eat today
for lunch at school us yes teacher turn around so I can finally eat my candy bar
whoa was that my stomach geez who brought a lion into class I guess I
could share my snack sounds like Bella needs it more than I do
geez Bella way to be polite oh man is it really time to get up
already yikes it's already past 6:30 Tom huh
girl wake up wake up looks like Kevin isn't as much of an early riser keV if
you don't get up now you're not going to have time to get ready for class
phew looks like he's finally waking up oh maybe not
girls have to wake up on time otherwise they won't have time to put on a fresh
face of makeup but what a boys care they can use that extra time to sleep in a
little longer Oh alrighty time to pick out my outfit for the day
blue Kevin are you seriously still in bed oh this outfit makes my shoulders
look too bulky Kevin's gonna have to roll out of bed and head to class in his
pj's at this point see this is why girls need so much time in the morning they
can't decide what the heck to wear ah finally a second god I hate everything I
own I need a completely different wardrobe oh no don't cry Jen you look
great no matter what you wear you know what I think I know exactly what I can
wear today okay Kevin if you don't get up now
you shouldn't even bother Wow finally he's alive
whoa is that me is my breath okay at least
he's good enough Wow Kevin sure God dress pretty fast why do
girls keep so much longer because they pay much closer attention to detail
nobody's gonna see through those knees anyway okay now I'm ready today is gonna
be awesome and believe it or not Kevin woke up a whole hour later and got ready
in a fraction of the time just a little bit of boy magic I guess it looks like
Jennifer came down with a nasty bug going around
I wonder if I have a temperature I'm not going to let a fever get me down I have
way too much to do today to just lay here in bed I'd better get up then no
girl is gonna let a stupid sick day ruin their stride boys on the other hand
definitely will let a little bug ruin the day well looks like I don't really
have much of a fever meanwhile Jennifer is working through her fever it even has
time to clean the house and have a great time doing it I might add you're going
to feel sick regardless so why not get a few household chores in while your body
fights off that bug right wait this looks super intense good thing I have a
microscope Andy at all times find out exactly what's going on here what
there's a nasty little germ is just making himself right at home that's one
ugly bugger I'm never going to be able to unsee that am i hey Jennifer looks
like she's feeling much better it's a good thing she didn't stay home sick she
wouldn't have gotten so much done Kevin studying too but his reading
material is a bit different than Jennifer's officially dying
my friends are going to be so sad when they hear it's the end of me and he even
remembered to leave a will house marked come on Jeff wake up we still need you
here huh seems like you were having a weird dream let's see here
whoa it's a good thing you stay at home for sure no matter how late it is there always
seems to be enough time to check your Instagram before hitting the hay is
coming quick hide the phone and pretend you falling asleep gonna freak out if
she sees I'm still awake as late on a school night no here she comes
Lilly did I hear you moving around in there is it that moms can always tell
your life did I just see an eye twitch nothing can fool a mother's day what a
sweet little angel she's fast asleep here you go sweetie
see you in the morning is she gone yes she totally fell for it
uh hey Instagram every kid knows that when moms asleep is she still asleep oh no she's about to wake up now you're
really pushing it Lilly but when it's the other way around monster noise they
want no matter how much you need your beauty rest
what is it the apocalypse out there it's only 6:30 in the morning is she crazy
but as long as there's work to be done mom is ready to get things done don't
kill your mom don't kill your mom not worth it haha this guy is hilarious I
could watch him fall off that bike all day long
poor Lily there's no way she's going back to sleep after there seriously a
blender that's the loudest appliance in the house oh hey almost least that was really
close I'm coming
oh you'd better tell me the next time girl you may want to rethink having all
those houseplants Emily seems like your allergies are in full bloom these days
when you're feeling yourself stopping to take a selfie is crucial but what if
you're in public place without anyone noticing you can quickly sneak in a
little pic and move on with your day but having a selfie session in the privacy
of your own home is a whole other story before you know it one quick snap turns
into a full-fledged photo shoot no funny face or ankle is off-limits
quick take it before that guy turns around oh man this bathroom lighting is
great oh hello gorgeous whoops okay I think the coast is clear
super smooth no matter how funny something is laughing in public it can
be a delicate science you don't want to let your cackling laugh scare people
away but when it comes to laughing alone a whole better off getting coffee up
your nose was totally worth it this movie is hilarious when you're out
at a party dancing by yourself is the most awkward thing ever but when no
one's watching your living room becomes an exclusive dance only zone isn't it
funny that dancing in a crowded room full of people is only half as fun as
dancing alone at least no one here will judge moves like these but luckily you
have that drink – awkwardly cling on – would it be really the end of the world
if you'd rid these crazy moves out on the dance floor oh definitely go do that
one it's okay Olivia your secret moves are safe with us