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Physical Education

(static) (wind whistling) (gentle music) (footsteps shuffling) – [Dad] And Wednesday's named for Odin. You know, like Wodin's day. – [Rachel] You're slowing down again. – Thursday's easy, you wanna guess? Thur! – Thurgood Marshall, first
black Supreme Court Justice! – No, but you get poli sci
points for remembering that. It was Thor. – Nope. (laughs) – [Dad] God of thunder,
the guy with the hammer? – No.
– Didn't I ever show you the Avengers movies? Wow, I suppose I have
failed you as a father. – Eh, it was mom that didn't let me access the old files, not you, remember? Thurgood once said that
"In recognizing humanity in our fellow beings, we pay ourselves "the highest tribute." – They should've named the day for 'em. – Ha ha. He also said, "History
has a way of taking things "into its own hands." – You've been reading. – So, who's hands are
we now in, Dad, history? – Anyway, so Friday is named for– – Dad! – The goddess Friga. – We're out of water.
– Who… – We're gonna start
baking in about an hour, I told you we should have started earlier. – Who is connected somehow
to Venus, I think it was? Maybe Aphrodite, I confuse
the Greek and Roman. But we'll check the book tonight. I brought more water. Be nice and I'll share. – When did you go for water? – When you slept, snoring. – Hey, I don't snore. You broke rule three. – Well, that's the way it works. I make the rules, you keep 'em. – Mm. You know that's what dictators say right before the revolution. – Knowledge is power. – Face it, I am younger, stronger and now that we're out of these
lessons, smarter than you. – (laughs) I'm a professor
of theoretical physics. – Yeah, at a university
that's now deserted. You have one student and
this could be classified as homeschooling, so. Your influence is debatable. – Ah! (suspenseful music) No other tracks but ours. Just blew here from someplace. – Not far, it's not even
ratty or crusted with sand. Storm was Thursday, so
must have been since then. – Your hypothesis is? – Somebody dropped it. Yeah, man.
– What? – It has a man smell, see? Young man. – Oh, how do you–
– Men your age curve the brim. The more redneck, the curvier. Guys my age leave it flat. – All right, Sherlock Holmes. – Your potential student
body just doubled. Come on! (gentle music) (wolf howling) No fire, no tracks. How did he drop a hat? – If it was a person and not a seagull. If the person is ahead
of us, we'll catch up. – [Rachel] Not at our current pace. We need to be beyond the divide before the snow closes the pass. – Yes, we will, we'll make it. – We don't have any winter
gear, we will freeze to death. – So, I know we're late, but I'm fifty. And I talk and think for
a living, I can't go fast. – I'm not trying to
make you feel old, Dad. Just motivated. Here, wanna wear it? I can curve the brim real nice for ya. – Okay, you ready to do the poets? – Not really. Can we just listen to crickets or do music or something tonight? – Yours or mine? – Oh, either one would
be better than poetry. – Okay, I'll teach you
an old country song. Johnny Cash. ♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire ♪ – Pleasant thought. ♪ I went down, down, down
and the flames went higher. ♪ – I don't mean to offend you. ♪ And it burns, burns, burns ♪
– But if I'm gonna be the carrier of human knowledge for future generations?
♪ The ring of fire ♪ ♪ The ring of fire ♪
– Then I'm making the command decision
to omit country music. There, I feel better about my future. (owl hooting) Here. – Oh look, next one's
green, it's your favorite. – This is our last pack. We're rationing. We might run into a group tomorrow. Maybe that's where he was headed? – No, not yet, too far from water. – Hm, look.
– This map was made in the 1960s. Don't get too excited. I'm sure they've moved
on or died long ago. – [Rachel] There is people
out there, like us, somewhere. – Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. (suspenseful music) (birds chirping) (crows cawing) – Hello!
– Shh! What are you doing?
– What? Hat boy might be here. (owl hooting) – But the big bang's really
just an arbitrary point in time. Even post-Hawking cosmologists
agree that to initiate the big bang from a singularity requires an extra universal force. – So, God. – Scientists kinda avoid
attributing anything to God. Two different languages, right? Evidence versus feeling. But the point is, that if… (coughing) – Whoa! Hey, take it easy, here, here, some water. – Oh. (metallic crashing) Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, just hold on. (suspenseful music) – I'm gonna go see what it is. – Hey, hey! If it's four-legged, you're on their turf. If it's hat kid, you don't
know anything about him. (metallic crashing) – Hello? (birds squawking) – There's no shortage of threats. – We need to meet them. – [Dad] On our terms, when we've finished. – Finished what? – Well, we're in the
middle of cosmology here and you are not paying attention. – I'm paying attention.
– To the lessons. – You knew. – What? – You've been picking routes
to avoid people on purpose. – That's ridiculous. – The desert flats took us out of the way of the border settlements. – Which have been empty forever. – There are footprints or tracks here. – Or anyplace else we've been. – Yeah, but we're not
just unlucky, are we? – By which you mean what? – [Rachel] You were not
happy about this at all. – Why are you so anxious to find others? – Why are you not? – It's dangerous, people are complicated. Fragile, even the best are
capable of horrible things and that's if there are people! Our strength is in our ideas, knowledge. – The lessons, please.
– Yes. I promised your mother. – Well, Dad, for any of this
stuff, any of these lessons to mean anything, we need
someone else to share it with. So it doesn't matter if I understand the balance of power or
what Descartes observed. When we're alone, when I'm alone, fire building, foraging and insanity are about all that I
have to look forward to. So yeah, I'm a little anxious. This hat means that someone is out there. – What I'm giving you is what matters. These ideas have to survive,
or you'll all just make the same mistakes, and
have the same stupid losses and be destined for the same
pain we just lived through! – So you're adding pressure? You won't save me from pain. You can't educate me and then expect me not to make mistakes. – I can give you knowledge
of the ways the world works. A chance to survive, I can prepare you. – If knowledge is power,
then why did our life end? They were editing genes,
cloning hockey players, the virus didn't care, it killed them all. – There might be others,
I think there are, and I want you to find
them, but not until– – Dad, when you're gone, I'm gone if I can't find
someone else like us. And that it what I want. And I have to have that
vote because I'm the one that has to live with it. These lessons mean nothing if
we're alone or frozen solid. – [Dad] Rachel! – Hello? Hey! – [Dad] Rachel! (gentle music) (wind gently whooshing)