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President Donald Trump Holds Packed Iowa Rally Despite WH Advisory | Morning Joe | MSNBC

meanwhile coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are surging at an alarming rate in parts of the country and as we head into colder months the nation's top public health expert dr anthony fauci is warning that americans should double down on efforts to contain the virus what we're seeing unfortunately is upticks in case positivities test positivities that's going to translate as it already is into in additional hospitalizations which ultimately going to translate into additional deaths and now we're starting to see as you said correctly an uptick in cases you know in 37 states i mean that is a substantial proportion of the united states of america that is not a good sign as you're entering into the cooler weather so what we really have to do is double down on the things that i talk about every single day the five issues universal wearing of masks keeping a distance avoiding crowds in congregate settings trying to do things outdoors preferentially over indoors and washing your hands frequently they sound very simple but people are not doing that and that's the reason why we're seeing the uptick in cases on average over 50 000 to new covet 19 cases are being reported in the u.s every day a mark the nations has has not seen since mid-august most of the current outbreaks are in the midwest and northern plains like in wisconsin where a new field hospital opened yesterday as the rate of infections continue to soar across the state the medical station located in the state fair park comes as more than 1 000 people have been hospitalized from the virus overwhelming hospitals the seven day average of positive cases is currently the highest it's ever been 246 of those hospitalized remain in intensive care units at area hospitals the medical station will be staffed by health care workers from across the state and country it will serve patients with covid who suffer from minor symptoms like also in iowa which is seeing an uptick in cases and hospitalizations as well a reported new high for the second straight day the latest report confirms nearly 1200 new cases yesterday 11 people with covet 19 were confirmed dead in that state bringing the death toll to above 1500 white house coronavirus experts have urged iowa social gatherings to be limited to 25 people so people don't get the virus and die so again in the state of iowa donald trump's white house urged iowans to limit all gatherings to 25 or less so they could protect themselves protect their loved ones and especially protect senior citizens because of course we've seen it at colleges we've seen it at other places where young people go they go out they're surrounded by others they bring the virus back home they're asymptomatic carriers and they send a parent or a grandparent they send a senior citizen to the hospital so you had donald trump jonathan and william here while we're showing these images that donald trump giving the advice from his white house for all iowans to limit gatherings to 25 people or less because i was moving towards a hot spot being a hot spot and look at that crowd last night in the state of iowa it is shockingly irresponsible of course donald trump proves again with this image he does not care whether people live or die he only cares about his own political fortunes that's all he cares about and even the biggest trump supporter knows that to be the case and yet donald trump brought thousands of people together packed them together most not wearing masks the same time his own white house is bagging people they're begging people in iowa to not have more than 25 people together i'll ask the same question i asked last hour and i'll open up to anybody else after you jonathan does donald trump and his campaign team not realize what this does not only to senior citizens in iowa but also in florida in arizona in north carolina in pennsylvania in michigan and in wisconsin it scares the hell out of them and shows that even after getting it himself donald trump is not serious about this plague on seniors yeah joan let's start there how his messaging after his own diagnosis after his own illness has not changed whatsoever he still downplays the virus he talks up the treatment he received mind you treatment that most americans can't get this is experimental stuff that he received at walter reed medical center and he he says well i felt lousy for a couple days and now i'm fine i'm back out there and so you know he did a poll the other night and asked how many other people in the crowd may have had the virus and said well we're all still here and and i think that's that's sort of the messaging they're trying to suggest is that the virus is something that we live with as a nation and then try to move beyond but these images last night there was six thousand people there according to reporters on the ground uh in des moines uh they just fly in the face of of course the white house guidelines for iowa but also just where most of the nation is right now on the pandemic and that's why seniors are so spooked that's why he has seen a real hemorrhaging support among seniors dating all the way back from the spring when he'd have those scatter shot daily coronavirus task force briefings were one of which where he said that he suggested injecting disinfectant as a treatment for the virus that's when his campaign first saw a real drop in support among seniors and as much as he is trying to project the idea of of normalcy the idea of the nation turning the corner around the pandemic despite the fact that thousands upon thousands of people are still being infected every day uh you know that it's not it's not working uh that he people see those images and they they're frightened by them that they don't that's not what they want to see that's not where the nation is right now on the pandemic and that's the calculation that his team has made uh and it's certainly you know it may bolster the enthusiasm of the people we see thronging in those in those rallies night after night but it's going to hurt him elsewhere and that's going to be support among seniors among suburbanites among women that he's he may have a really difficult time winning back here in the last three weeks because it's that recklessness as a final point that he himself that's why he received his aides acknowledged this that they saw polling data after his own diagnosis that though there were public sense supportive sentiments of support everyone of course wished he would recover he other times when american presidents have had crises the nation sort of rallied around them when president trump that was diagnosed with covenant 19 there was none of that and the sense was a lot of americans felt like he brought it upon himself by his reckless behavior ignoring the guidelines of his own government thanks for checking out msnbc on youtube and make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to 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