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Pro-Trump cruise rallies hit the road in Portland metro

this morning headline making new claims from the former senior fbi agent at the center of the bureau's russia investigation in a new memoir peter strzok takes sharp aim at the man he once investigated president trump and nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson sat down with him hallie good morning peter chanel good morning to you you know to the president peter strzok is a symbol of what he believes is the deep state trying to take him down and he's targeted the former fbi agent with a number of insults including calling him a fraud but strzok calls his new book compromised because he believes the president has been with foreign countries holding leverage over him it's a warning he's now delivering in the starkest of terms there is no more urgent election in our lifetime from a counterintelligence perspective and that's why less than two months before election day former fbi agent peter strzok is pulling no punches without exaggeration president trump's counterintelligence vulnerabilities are exponentially greater than any president in modern history so do you think the president is a national security threat i do strzok helped open the investigation into the trump campaign in 2016. so involved he named the operation crossfire hurricane after a rolling stone song stuck in his head [Music] and he's one of the agents former national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to about his conversations with the then russian ambassador to the u.s charges the justice department recently moved to dismiss i think that's a miscarriage of justice what do you attribute it to then political pressure improper political pressure from the white house and the department of justice now strzok is still worried about unfinished business do you believe the russians still have hidden leverage over the president i think that's a fair assumption i think when you look at president trump and the efforts he has taken to fighting tooth and nail to prevent for instance the release of his tax records there is something there that he doesn't want out struck a key part of the team investigating hillary clinton's use of a private email server also worked briefly with the special counsel in 2017 looking into the trump campaign's ties with russia before being removed and later fired his dismissal coming after the discovery of text messages he exchanged with a co-worker with whom he was having an affair texts like f trump hillary should win 100 million to zero and about a possible trump victory will stop it giving ammunition to the president and his supporters who believed the fbi was working against president trump a watchdog report later found no political bias motivating the investigation these outside independent people who have looked at it have concluded that this was entirely proper to some people in this country your credibility is simply and frankly shot they just don't believe what you're saying because of some of your past actions the text message etc why should those people believe you now that you're coming out and sounding the alarm bell about president trump listen to what i have to say i guarantee you whoever you are in america you are not going to step away from that without a deep deep concern about our president's interactions and a relationship with the government of russia in a statement the white house calls strzok's book utter nonsense adding quote he is now trying to make money selling the same lies for which he was fired strook and paige the lovers the great lovers the president himself has described strzok as a minion a sick loser and accused him of treason it is angering it is it makes you it promotes fear it is fearful the second thing is it is enormously frustrating because it's not the truth and it strips away your identity at least with some whatever portion of the population is listening and believing the president you had to have known that writing this book would reignite those attacks so why do it because it's important to get the message out you are ringing the alarm bell i am you think people will listen to it i hope so i think so even with you as the messenger absolutely the republican-led senate judiciary committee which is investigating the russia investigation has authorized subpoenas for officials including strzok he tells me if he is subpoenaed he will testify you