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Quarantine Cat

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you enjoy this week's video. – [Teacher] Ramon, what were
your thoughts on the chapter? – I thought it was quite intriguing. I think the theme of patience
really resonates with me. I also discovered–
(smoke alarm beeping) Mom, what are you doing? I'm in the middle class! My name's Ramon, and I'm in quarantine in a Mexican household. Now that I'm home all day,
my mom takes advantage of it. My daily schedule consists of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. What? Come on, I cleaned all that yesterday! Be Mexican, they said. It'll be fun, they said. How much longer do I have to clean for? My fingers are all pruney now! I can't even feel them anymore. Now that we're in quarantine,
all my classes are online. But let me tell you,
online school is impossible in a Mexican household. – The sides A, B and C,
that are often called the Pythagorean equation,
A squared plus B squared– – Chuy, stop! I'm in class right now! – "Chuy, stop, I'm in class right now!" Who's that weird-looking
person on the computer? – That's my professor. – Can they hear us? – Yes, so be quiet. – Did you know that Ramon
still pees in his bed? – No, I don't, I don't! ♪ Ramon pees in his bed,
Ramon pees in his bed ♪ – I hate my life! – No one should bother me here. Mom! I came outside to get away from everyone! You can't go inside? It's raining! No, no, no, no, no, no! I understand that the
situation we're in is serious, but I feel like my mom is overreacting. If I even have the slightest
cough she goes into overdrive. Not again. I'm not sick. I was just choking on my food. Mom! I don't have the virus! A knitted mask? You know it has holes, right? It's literally not gonna do anything. Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Thank you for the mask. Sure, whatever you say, Mom. I don't know how much
longer I can do this, but I'm slowly losing my mind. Please, send help. Yes, Mom, I'll do it right now. – What is up, guys? Hope you enjoyed that video. If you liked it, make
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during this quarantine? – We're playing a lot of
video games. – Video games!
– And I mean a lot. – I'm not, I'm cleaning
my purse, a lot of times. – For the whole quarantine
she's just cleaning her purse. – Yeah!
– Every hour. – I'm too tired.
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