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QUARANTINE in a Mexican Household

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a pair of Raycon Earbuds, go to buyRaycon.com/crazygorilla or click the link in the description below to get 15% off your order. With all that being said, I hope you guys enjoy the video. – Another day of hating my life. My name's Ramon, and once again, I'm still quarantined
in a Mexican household. Please help me. Unfortunately, not much has changed. I'm still cleaning 50 times a day. But last month I did feel a little sick, so as a precaution, I
quarantined in my room. I thought I'd get some much needed rest, but my mom had other ideas. Feels good to just lay down and rest. Why is she FaceTiming me? Quarantining in my room? But I'm supposed to rest. Okay, I'll start. – Put some arm into it. – I am. What are you gonna do? Hit me through the phone? What was that? How'd you do that? – And I'll do it again. – Okay, I'll scrub harder. That was a rough two weeks. But once I was able to leave my room, I had a nice surprise
waiting for me, more chores. One thing is doing chores,
another thing is being excessive. This is excessive. Mom, no one mops outside. Next thing you know, you're probably gonna
make me vacuum the grass. I just had to open my mouth, didn't I? One of the things I miss
most from pre quarantine is going out to eat. So recently my dad tried to
bring the dining experience to me. – Okay hijo, it's done, it's ready. – Can I take the blindfold off now? – I never said to wear one,
and that's not a blindfold. – Oh. – Anyway, I know you've
been wanting to eat out, so I made you your very
own dining experience. – It looks… – Beautiful, I know hijo. I worked very hard on it. – Not the words I was thinking, but sure. – Oh yeah, here's the menu. – It just says frijoles over and over. – Yeah, it's because your mom She said not to waste the good food on you and well, this is all you get. So, bone apple tea! – Thank you dad. Recently, my mom read online that phones are a major host
for viruses and bacteria. So lately she's been overly cautious. – Why not, I already finished
vacuuming the back yard. What is this gonna do? How am I supposed to
use my phone like this? Mom, don't you think you're
overreacting just a little? – I'm over reacting because
I want my family to be safe. – Okay, what is the container
supposed to do anyway, disinfect my phone? – You're going to what? Every day in quarantine
gets tougher and tougher. I feel like I've lost all hope. Wait, no, I'm confident
I've lost all hope.