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Quarantine | Talha Anjum x Talhah Yunus x KR$NA (Official Music Video)

Two weeks at home. . . pshh that's nothing .I
have enough stuff in the Deep Freeze to last a year. I'll be honest with you it's
pollen season, I was gonna quarantine myself until July anyway. Social
distancing yeah we've done that before except back then we called it the blizzard
of '93. Social distancing is not a problem out here. We live 15 minutes from our nearest
neighbor. l Should we check on them? They're out of sweet tea? Well do they have unsweet? No no, don't get any. I just want to know how desperate people are getting? Oh I got a room full of
toilet paper but I'm not a hoarder my wife's a couponer so to be fair I
also have a room full of dish soap toothbrushes and band-aids oh I survived
the Bluebell shortage of 2015 I'm pretty sure I can survive anything now I'm
going on a bear hunt not for food I just want that Sharman bear to tell me where
he's keeping all that extra toilet paper hold on let me get this straight the
government's telling me to sit right here and do nothing for weeks that's the
most sense they've ever made what does Netflix keep asking me if I'm
still watching what planet are you on we are all still watching yes I will be
wfh that means working from home which also means got to keep the kids off the
Wi-Fi for at least eight hours I wish people would quit saying they're working
from home like it's a new thing I'm a mom so now I work two jobs from home
three if my husband's being a full hey you know what people are talking about
honey do lists I've been avoiding my wasps for years but now I'm stuck here
with nothing to do except to install new curtain rods that's the real crisis
I made this chart that breaks down what my kids are gonna be doing for every
hour of every day school may be closed but we're still gonna learn in this
house gonna be playing dodgeball at one destroy them oh yeah I made a chart for
the kids hey you see where they put the church service up on the internet Sunday
I emptied a whole bottle of old lady perfume in the living room just so it'll
feel like I was really there we had church on line Sunday it was great
except I couldn't tell if we had internet problems or we only sang the
chorus too I could sing of Your love forever 40 times that's way under our
average did you know they canceled Church
there's ever been a time to add me to the prayer list it's right now
I wipe down everything that comes in or out of this house even the mail
especially the mail oh I stopped cleaning germs aren't
coming in the germs that are already here are trying to get out 40-count
Alexa how many times can you reuse a Clorox wipe I mean are you surprised
that we're having to tell people how to wash their hands
it's only been three years since we had tell everybody not to eat diet pods my
kids discovered the first part of baby shark it's 20 seconds long so yeah this
is my hell now everybody's talking about flattening the curd which I am all for
we all got to do our part when that's over can you come out and flatten the
curve on County Road 48 please put up a guardrail March Madness the Kentucky
Derby they're canceling everything out there but I'll tell you what though if
they threaten to cancel college football SEC will have a cure by this Friday probably be Vandy though about time they
would achievement shipping something this whole situation has really
clarified some things for me one of those being that teachers need to get
paid a whole lot more how do you do it whenever I start to feel like I'm going
crazy I just turn on love is blind five minutes with those people and I feel
perfectly normal again hey do you hear girls firing up the steel again yeah he
ain't making moonshine though he's making a batch of hand sanitizer stuff
is 190 proof I'll take your hair off we are firm believers of social distancing
in this house well hang on it's my wife she's in the other room hey honey
you need glass of water sure thing I'll put it outside your door for you just
wait 10 seconds for you come get it okay let me see you next month she doesn't
wanna leave she's just wondering is there life out there